Evil Psychedelia (TSP radio 05/06/09)

  1. Mad River, ‘Amphetamine Gazelle’ (1968)
    From Mad River, UK EDSEL RECORDS ED CD 140 CD (1990)
  2. Kak, ‘Disbelievin’ (1968)
    From Kak-Ola, UK BIG BEAT CD WIKD 187 (1999)
  3. The United States Of America, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ (1968)
    From The United States Of America, UK EDSEL RECOPDS ED 233 LP (1987)
  4. SRC, ‘Checkmate’ (1968)
    From Black Sheep, UK RPM BAM CARUSO SERIES RPM BC 201 CD (2000)
  5. The Godz, ‘Lay In The Sun’ (1966)
    From Contact High with The Godz, ITALY BASE RECORD ESP 1037 LP
  6. The Deep, ‘Turned On’ (1966)
    From Psychedelic Moods. A Mind Expanding Phenomena By The Deep, USA CICADELIC RECORDS / COLLECTABLES RECORDS COL 0521 CD (1993)
  7. Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies, ‘The Elephant at The Door’ (1969)
    From The American Metaphysical Circus, USA COLUMBIA MASTERWORKS MS 7317 LP
  8. Fifty Foot Hose, ‘If Not This Time’ (1968)
    From Cauldron, USA WEASEL DISC RECORDS 744213 19451 3 CD (1994)
  9. Iota, ‘Within These Precincts’
    From Growing Slowly Insane. 14 Psychedelic Unknowns, USA TIMOTHY’S BRAIN TB 1010 CD
  10. Cromagnon, ‘Ritual Feast of the Libido’
    From Untitled, original issue USA ESP DISK 2001 LP (1969)
  11. The Spoils of War, ‘Now is Made in America’ (1969)
    From The Spoils of War, GERMANY SHADOKS SHAD 001CD
  12. H.P. Lovecraft, ‘The White Ship’ (1968)
    From At The Mountains of Madness, UK EDSEL RECORDS DED 256 2 x LP (1988)
  13. Ultimate Spinach, ‘Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess’ (1967)
    From Ultimate Spinach, MGM RECORDS LP 831 180-1 LP (1986)
  14. Sam Gopal, ‘Season of the Witch’ (1968)
    From Escalator, ITALY GET BACK GET 523 LP (1999)
  15. Fifty Foot Hose, ‘Red The Sign Post’
    From Cauldron, op cit.
  16. Ultimate Spinach, ‘Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse’ (1968)
    From Behold And See, MGM RECORDS LP 831 181-1 LP (1985)
  17. Preston, ‘The World is Closing in on Me’
    From Growing Slowly Insane, op cit.
  18. Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies, ‘Nightmare Train’
    From The American Metaphysical Circus, op cit.
  19. The Deep, ‘Trip #76’
    From Psychedelic Moods, op cit.
  20. The Godz, ‘Where’ (1967)
    From Godz 2, ITALY BASE RECORD ESP 1047 LP
  21. Cromagnon, ‘Fantasy’
    From Untitled, op cit.