From Metal and Plastic

A heat-haze show

The Sound Projector Radio Show 3rd July 2009

  1. Dean Roberts, ‘The fake and detached’ (2000)
    From Dean Roberts And The Black Moths play the Grand Cinema, GERMANY STAUBGOLD 54 CD (2004)
  2. Mike Cooper, ‘A Big Wave Event’
    From Metal Box, ITALY ROSSBIN PRODUCTIONS RS020 CD (2005)
  3. Antony Milton, ‘A Majoun Trail’ (1997)
    From Sirens And Where The Coloured Planes Are Rafts, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG 059 CD (2004)
  4. Koeff, ‘Bloodbath and birdsong’
    From Performance Archaeology, SWEDEN FIREWORK EDITION RECORDS FER 1058 CD (2005)
  5. Keith Rowe, Oren Ambarchi, Robbie Avenaim, (extract)
    From Honey Pie, GERMANY GROB 648 CD (2004)
  6. Kiko C. Esseiva, ‘Danse Des Toupilles’
  7. Korber, erikm, Nakamura, Otomo, ‘And A Slice of Bread’ (fade)
    From Brackwater, SWITZERLAND FOR 4 EARS CD 1550 (2004)
  8. Axel Dörner and Tony Buck, (extract)
    From Durch Und Durch, TES TESCD0103 CD (2004)
  9. [error]
  10. The Moglass, ‘Untitled (Tawny Owl)’
    From Snake-Tongued Swallow-Tailed, UKRAINE NEXSOUND NS28 CD (2004)
  11. Poire_Z and Phil Minton, ‘w oder q’ (extract)
    From q, SWITZERLAND FOR 4 EARS 1551 CD (2004)
  12. Hans Otte, ‘Orient:Occident’
    From Orient:Occident / Minimum:Maximum, USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21037-2 CD (2005)
  13. Marc Behrens / Niko Heyduck, ‘Plastic Part 2’
    Marc Behrens / Niko Heyduck, ‘Metal Part 4’
    From Plastic Metal, GREECE ANTIFROST AFRO2030-31 2 x CD (2005)