TSP Railway Special

The Sound Projector Radio Show 24th July 2009

With guest co-presenter Philip Sanderson

  1. Unknown Artist, ‘Train Sequence’
    From A Journey into Sound, UK DECCA SKL 4001 LP (1958)
  2. Malcolm Arnold, extract and title theme from ‘The Great St. Trinian’s Train Robbery’ (1966)
    (Not released)
  3. Sidney Torch and Queen’s Hall Light Orchestra, ‘Coronation Scot’
    From The Great British Experience: 50 Original Light Music Classics, UK EMI CLASSICS CDGB 50 2 x CD (1997)
  4. W.H. Auden & Benjamin Britten, extract from the soundtrack of the film Nightmail (1936)
    BFI ISBN/EAN 5035673008331 DVD (2008)
  5. Hubert Clifford and Melodi Light Orchestra, ‘Puffin’ Billy’
    From The Great British Experience, op cit.
  6. Columbia Orchestra, ‘Running Off the Rails’
    From The Great British Experience, op cit.
  7. Richard Rodney Bennett, ‘The Orient Express’
    From Murder on the Orient Express, UK EMI EMC 3054 LP (1974)
  8. Daphne Oram, ‘Snow’
    From Oramics, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 21 2 x CD (2007)
  9. Runaway Train, UK ASH INTERNATIONAL ASH 1.9 LP (1994)
    Mystic Mood Orchestra, ‘Local Freight’
    From One Stormy Night, USA WARNER BROS RECORDS BS2594 LP (1972)
  10. Edward Artemyev, ‘Train (from Stalker)’
    From Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, NETHERLANDS TORSO KINO LP 50001 2 x LP (1990)
  11. Philip Sanderson, ‘Empty Spaces’
    From Carriage Return, UK SNATCH TAPES TTCH 215 MP3 (2009)
  12. Sten Hanson, ‘Railroad Poem’ (1970)
    From Revue OU, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN plana-OU 15vocson045.4 CD (2002)
  13. Pierre Schaeffer, ‘Étude aux chemins de fer’
    From L’Oeuvre Musicale, FRANCE INA-GRM EMF CD 010 CD (1998)
  14. Steve Reich, ‘After The War’
    From Different Trains, CANADA QB CQB 0502 CD (2005)
  15. Philip Glass, ‘Night Train’
    From Einstein on the Beach, FRANCE TOMATO 301315 4 x LP (1979)
  16. Señor Coconut, ‘Trans Europe Express (Cumbia)’
    From El Baile Aleman, UK NEW STATE RECORDINGS NSER9001 CD (2000)
  17. Penguin Café Orchestra, ‘Bean Fields’,
    from Signs of Life, UK EDITIONS EG EGED 50 LP (1987)
  18. Harry Partch, ‘U.S. Highball’
    From Enclosure Two, USA INNOVA 401 4 x CD (1995)
  19. Mike O’Donnell and Junior Campbell, ‘Thomas the Tank Engine Theme’
    From Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (1984)
  20. David Bowie, ‘Station To Station’ (1976)
    From Station to Station, UK RYKODISK RCD 80141 CD (1997)