The Haddock Blow Catch

The Sound Projector Radio Show 7th August 2009

  1. 101 Strings, ‘Astral Freakout (A Love Built On Sand)’
    From Astro-Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000, UK RIGHTEOUS PSALM 23:8 CD (2009)
  2. The Mike Westbrook Concert Band, ‘Other World’ (1969)
    From Marching Songs Vol 1 & 2, UK RIGHTEOUS PSALM 23:12 CD (2009)
  3. John Carradine with The Chico Hamilton Quintet, ‘Night Song for the Sleepless’
    From Jazz Canto Vol 1, UK RIGHTEOUS PSALM 23:4 CD (2009)
  4. 101 Strings, ‘Flameout’
    From Astro-Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000, op cit.
  5. Antoine Chessex, ‘Power, Stupidity & Ignorance’
    From Split, GERMANY LE PETIT MIGNON LPM01 7” SINGLE (2009)
  6. ViolenceandtheSacred performing as VioSac, ‘Four Minute Sarge’
    From You Are Planning to Enjoy The Apocalypse, CANADA VIOSAC VATS2 CD (2009)
  7. Yellow Swans, ‘Track 3 (Untitled)’
    From Mort Aux Vaches, NETHERLANDS MAV 060 CD (2009)
  8. Noveller, ‘Brilliant Colors’
    From Red Rainbows, USA NO FUN PRODUCTIONS NFP-50 CD (2009)
  9. Shift, ‘Bulk II’
  10. D’Incise, ‘Pluie Sur Mon Jardon Absent’
    From Les Lendemains Étendus, SWITZERLAND AUDIO ACTIVITY AACCDR01 CDR (2009)
  11. Armpit, ‘Tron’
    From Tron, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 119 CD (2009)
  12. Lionel Marchetti, ‘La Quête Des Pouvoirs’
    From Knud Un Nom De Serpent, USA INTRANSITIVE RECORDINGS INT014 CD (2008)
  13. Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Bär, ‘HJCVGrimmelshausen’
    From Asylum Lunaticum, USA INTRANSITIVE RECORDINGS INT033 CD (2009)
    The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, ‘A Place For Fantasies’
    From Succubus, GERMANY AD NOISEAM AND 112 CD (2009)

One comment

  1. top show Ed!

    I loved the Righteous stuff, will prob invest in the Jazz canto thing, very cool. Inspired us to watch Bucket of Blood tonight.

    Loved your closing er mash-up(sic), should be a record itself….really!

    Family Fodder was great and the train thing also, didn’t top Voice Box though, the spoken word one you did together…that was very great indeed.

    Always special, always a surprise when I download it on the Saturday

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