Lapland Hegemonies

The Sound Projector Radio Show 9th October 2009

  1. The Decapitated Hed, ‘Electromagnetization of Dancefloor Dirt’
    From Subversive Club Processes, USA SPLEEN COFFIN SP-16 12” (2009)
  2. Terminal Lovers, ‘Steve Ashby’
    From As Eyes Burn Clean, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG018 LP (2009)
  3. Yoke and Yohs, ‘Zombie Attack’
    From The Myth of The Totem, DENMARK YOYOOYOY YOKE & YOHS LP 001 LP (2008)
  4. Nick Pynn with The One At A Time Orchestra, ‘Where North Falls’
    From The Colours of the Night, UK ROUNDHILL RHLCD 09 CD (2009)
  5. The Truth About Frank, ‘War Enabled at 3 Kom Como’
    From Neon Fractured Night, UK WEIRD AND WIRED 027 CDR (2009)
  6. UnicaZürn, ‘Nautilus’
    From Temporal Bends, UK UZU MUSIC UZ01 CD (2009)
  7. The Lickets, ‘The Turned our Desert into Fire’
  8. CWK Joynes, ‘Lay You Down O My Brother’
    From LHR Twins, UK RUSTED RAIL NO NUMBER 3” CDR (2009)
  9. Chris Forsyth, ‘Long Warm Afternoon’
    From Dreams, USA EVOLVING EAR 23 LP (2009)
  10. Dean McPhee, ‘Stony Ground’
    From Brown Bear, UK HOOD FAIRE HDFR002V 12” (2009)
  11. MAYa, ‘Diamond Belt’
    From A, USA DISCALCULA A. PEA.A 10” LP (2009)
  12. Ros Bobos, ‘Role Playing with Occultic Overtones’
    From Mandatory Astral Projections, USA NO LABEL CD (2009)
  13. Brume, ‘Part 04’
    From The Sun, UK ELSIE & JACK 18 CD (2009)
  14. The Big Eyes Family Players, ‘White Bones’
    From Warm Room, UK PICKLED EGG RECORDS EGG 72 CD (2009)
  15. Onde, ‘Vloed’
    From Purple, BELGIUM ONDE MUSIC 003 LP (2009)

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