Collective Gloom

The Sound Projector Radio Show 6th November 2009

  1. a: Jelly Babies, ‘Roller Skate’
    b: Avocados, ‘I Never Knew’
    c: Occult Chemistry, ‘Occult Chemistry’
    d: Six Minute War, ‘Weathermen’
    From Messthetics #107: D.I.Y. ’78-81 London III, USA HYPED TO DEATH CD (2009)
  2. Shift, Forget Kindness’
    From Sleep Paralysis, FINLAND FREAK ANIMAL RECORDS 048 CD
  3. Bruce Gilbert, ‘Here Visit’
    From This Way, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 102 CD (2009)
  4. Lene Grenager, ‘Redolence’
    From Affinis Suite, NORWAY +3DB RECORDS 009 CD (2009)
  5. Tetrix, ‘MDLYBGU2B Cowboys’
    From Tetrix 10, CANADA NO NUMBER CD (2009)
  6. Nicolas Collins, ‘Devil’s Music B’
    From Devil’s Music, JAPAN EM RECORDS EM1086DCD (2009)
  7. Kabelbrand, ‘Sein Soll Max’
    From Sounds from the Max Brand Synthesizer, AUSTRIA MOOZAK MZK#002 CD (2009)
  8. September Collective, ‘Waldflöte’
    From Always Breathing Monster, AUSTRIA MOSZ 021 CD (2009)
  9. Tsukimono, ‘I Am Going’
    From Heart Attack Money, SWEDEN KALLIGRAMMOFON #7 CD (2009)
  10. Marina Rosenfeld, ‘Rings / Black Circles (Version)’
    From Plastic Materials, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM430 CD (2009)
  11. Pylône, ‘idem part.1’
    From Grounded Hands, FRANCE SOUND ON PROBATION CD SOP 009 CD (2008)

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  1. most excellent show! i used to listen to that nicholas collins back in the early 90’s.

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