The Sound Projector Radio Show 21 May 2010

Curated, sequenced and co-presented by C Joynes

  1. Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyate, ‘Solo’
    From Tanate, ROGUE RECORDS FMSL 2009
  2. Ali Farka Touré, ‘Biennal’
    From Radio Mali, WORLD CIRCUIT WCD 044 (1996)
  3. Ali Farka Touré, ‘Gambari’
    From Vol. 1, MM 5001
  4. S.E. Rogie, ‘Twist With The Morningstars’
    From Palm Wine Guitar Music, COOKING VINYL COOKCD010
  5. Kouyate Sory & Son Ensemble, ‘Apollo’
    From Son Et Rythme d’Afrique, SACODIS LS 1-77
  6. L’Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti, ‘Gambari’
    From MALI KUNKAN KO 77.04.15 (1977)
  7. Bembeya Jazz National, ‘Waraba’
    From Disquothèque 70, EDITIONS SYLIPHONE CONAKRY SLP 23 (1971)
  8. Moussa Doumbia, Yeye Mousso
    From Lipa Kodi Ya City Council, MISSISSIPPI RECORDS MR-013 LP (2007)
  9. Oumou Sangare, ‘Sabu’
    From Worotan, WORLD CIRCUIT WCD 045 (1996)
  10. Rokia Traoré, ‘Mouneïssa’
    From Mouneïssa, INDIGO / LABEL BLEU LBLC 2524 CD (1998)
  11. Noviciat de Soeurs Missionaires de Notre-Dame, ‘Yesu Ka Mkwebase’
    From Lipa Kodi Ya City Council, MISSISSIPPI RECORDS MR-013 LP (2007)
  12. Tinariwen, ‘Enseqi Ehad Didagh’
    From Imidiwan, INDEPENDIENTE ISOM78CD CD (2009)
  13. Mohammed Wardi, From Live In Addis Ababa, NEW WARDIPHONE CASSETTE (1994)
  14. Tèwèldè Rèdda, ‘Asmara Soul’
  15. Yesuf, ‘Guitar From Asmara’
  16. Nyadzonya Mbira Sounds, ‘Hanga Ndeyangu’
    From Mbira Singles Collection, MCJHZ-827 CASSETTE
  17. Unknown, ‘Chemirocha’
    From Love Is Love, MISSISSIPPI RECORDS MR-008 LP (2007)
  18. Spokes Mashiyane, ‘Sheshisa’
    From King Of Kwela, TROJAN WORLD TWLP 001 LP (1990)

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