Vegetable Salad

The Sound Projector Radio Show 9th July 2010

  1. Cau-Cational Betreet, ‘Vortice Churner’
    Fromm Dredge, UK NEIGH MUSIC CDR (2010)
  2. Horacio Pollard, ‘Naked Friend’
    From Acorn Bath, NORWAY TWILIGHT LUGGAGE TLMP26 CDR (2010)
  3. Dead Raven Choir, (Side B)
    From Jean Genet’s Lonesome Rhino, IRELAND DOTDOTDOT MUSIC DOTDOTDOT010V 7″ SINGLE (2010)
  4. Elliott Sharp, ‘Blown Away’
    From Abstraction Distraction, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS dac 181 CD (2010)
  5. Tobias Reber, ‘Container’
    From Backup Aura, GERMANY HYPERFUNCTION 002CD (2010)
  6. Hassle Hound, ‘Hit It and Trip It Cherub and Sing’
    From Born in a Night, GERMANY STAUBGOLD DIGITAL 4 CD (2010)
  7. Jazzfinger, ‘Fruit from the Poisonous Tree’
    From Viva Negativa! A Tribute to The New Blockaders Volume I, UK AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE ATWAR064 CD (2010)
  8. Kalle Kalima & K-18, ‘Overlook Bar’
    From Some Kubricks of Blood, FINLAND TUM CD 022 (2010)
  9. Philip Jeck & Marcus Davidson, ‘London Tenderberry’
    From Spliced, UK TOUCH SEVEN TS 10 7″ SINGLE (2010)
  10. Experimenter En Couleur, ‘Sawpulse Sawplus’
    From Testing The Wheel, UK AUDIO ARCHITECTURE aarch 005 CD (2010)
  11. Pier, ‘Nadgnadinha’
    From Apparently Liberatory Gestures, SPAIN FOR NOISE’S SAKE fNs033 CDR (2010)
  12. A Cloakroom Assembly, ‘Beltane Jazz’
    From Territory + Population, AUSTRALIA ENDGAME RECORDS END023 CD (2010)
  13. Hélène Breschand & Sylvain Kassap, ‘Eaux Troubles’
    From Double-Peine, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS dac311 CD (2010)
  14. Nate Young, ‘Half Full’
  15. K11, ’18=IH’
    From Metaphonic Portrait 1230 A.D., USA ACTUAL NOISE AN02 CD (2010)
  16. Cadaver Eyes, ‘Human-Abuse-As-Animal-Abuse’
    From Mesarveem Lihyot Covshim, ISRAEL HEART AND CROSSBONE HCB-025 CDR (2010)
  17. Clutter, ‘Yellow Light Discarded’
    From Yellow Light Discarded, UK CLUTTER MUSIC CM004 CDR (2010)
  18. Paul Baran, ‘Tonefield’
    From Panoptic, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB013 CD (2010)
  19. Atlatl, ‘Taxa! Taxa! Taxa!’
    From Draws The Atlantic, USA MIMEOMEME RECORDINGS MIMEO 007 CD (2010)
  20. Mathias Delplanque, ‘Passeport 5 (Lille)’
    From Passeports, PORTUGAL CRÓNICA 048-2010 / BRUIT CLAIR 03 CD (2010)


  1. Have we seen the last of the downloadable podcasts? It would be a great shame to me (and others I assume) as I’ll no longer be able to download onto my ipod for post-work commuting listening. Somehow I can’t imagine listening to the show while staring at a computer screen, just defeats the object of being a radioshow and not being in London means I can’t tune in as an alternative. Shame

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