Overlooked and underplayed

The Sound Projector Radio Show 13th August 2010

Assembled at home (nil announce for vox)

  1. Faust vs Dalek, ‘T-Electronique’
    From Derbe Respect, Alder, GERMANY KLANGBAD 23 / STAUBGOLD 50 CD (2003)
  2. Dirac C, ‘Rise And Fall’
    From Dirac C, USA INAM RECORDS 20 CDR (2009)
  3. The Bohman Brothers, ‘Nights of Pipe & Pastry’
    From A Twist for All Pockets, ITALY ROSSBIN RS 003 CD (2001)
  4. Bruno Chevillon, ‘Partir Des Choses’
    From Hors-Champ, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS D’AC 101 CD (2007)
  5. Encre, ‘Hassan’
    From Variable Access, FRANCE ACTIVE SUSPENSION ACD01 CD (2001)
  6. Rishaug Marhaug, ‘Hide And Seek’
    From Feel Free At Home, USA LUCKY KITCHEN LK024 CD (2004)
  7. Sleeping People, ‘Three Things’
    From Growing, USA TEMPORARY RESIDENCE LTD TRR123 CD (2007)
  8. Jason Kahn, (Track 1)
    From Plurabelle, SWITZERLAND CUT 007 CD (2001)
  9. Bisciglia / Bohman / Hammer, ‘Foot and Mouth Trots Around the Globe’
    From Frying Cement, USA SPAGYRIC GYR/CDR 002 (2002)
  10. Alfredo Costa Monteiro, ‘4 Pistes 1’
    From 4 Pistes: Électropoésie, FRANCE EDITION BOURBAKI / L’OVNI TENDRE BKOV01 CD (2004)
  11. Nagaoag, (Track 3)
    From Yama Labam A, USA PUBLIC EYESORE EH?28 CDR (2007)
  12. Earle / Guthrie / Süssmann, ‘Bridges 2’
    From Bridges, AUSTRALIA ANTBOY MUSIC ANTBOY 03 CD (2003)

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