All-American Weirdness

The Sound Projector Radio Show 10th September 2010

  1. Roger Nusic And The Vague Sunshine Orchestra, ‘Can I Come in and See You’
    From Hello Lovers…, USA RAINFOREST RECORDS RR 010 CD (1993)
  2. Revd Fred Lane and Ron ‘Pate’s Debonairs, ‘Fun In The Fundus’
    From From The One That Cut You, SHIMMY DISC EUROPE SDE 8911 LP (1989)
  3. The Shaggs, ‘That Little Sports Car’
    From The Shaggs, USA ROUNDER CD 11547 (1988)
  4. Roky Erickson And The Aliens, ‘Creature With The Atom Brain’ (1980)
    From I Think Of Demons, UK EDSEL RECORDS ED 222 LP (1987)
  5. Davis Redford Triad, ‘Solar Aquarius (Slight Return)’
    From The Mystical Path of the Number Eighty-Six, USA HOLY MOUNTAIN 8655-CD (1997)
  6. Smegma, ‘Fish Story’
    From The Smell Remains The Same, USA ANARCHYMOON RECORDINGS ANOK 18 LP (2007)
  7. Ed Askew, ‘Ask The Unicorn’ (1968)
    From Ask The Unicorn, GERMANY ZYX MUSIC ESP 1092-2 CD
  8. Barnes & Barnes, ‘Cemetary Girls’
    From Voobaha, USA RHINO RECORDS RNLP 013 LP 91980)
  9. Golden Sunrise with Sky Saxon & Ya Ho Wa 13, ‘Voyage’ (1977)
    From Fire, Water, Air is Djinn, Arelich,Pythias, Octavius, Sunflower, HIGHER KEY 006 CD
  10. Revd Fred Lane and Ron ‘Pate’s Debonairs, ‘Mystic Tune’
    From From The One That Cut You, op cit.
  11. Alexander “Skip” Spence, ‘Books Of Moses’
  12. Irene Moon, ‘Untitled’
    From Excerpts From Field Station A, USA NO LABEL 10″ LP (1997)
  13. Fredrik’s Cosmic Spaced Out Blues Band and Orchestra, ‘Get it out of your system’ (1976)
    From Beyond The Black Crack, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 06 CD (1998)
  14. Sun Ra, ‘I Am Strange’
    From USA NORTON RECORDS 45-153 7″ SINGLE (2009)
  15. Dion McGregor, ‘A City So Nice’
    From Dion McGregor Dreams Again, USA TZADIK TZ 7404 CD (1999)
  16. Copernicus, ‘They Own Everything’
    From Deeper, USA NEVERMORE INC. NEVERMORE 208 LP (1987)
  17. The Tinklers, ‘I’m Proud to be a Citizen of the Roman Empire’
    From Casserole, SHIMMY DISC EUROPE SDE 9132 CD (1989)
  18. Daniel Johnston, ‘Despair Came Knocking’
    From Hi How Are You, USA HOMESTEAD RECORDS HMS 117-1 LP (1988)
  19. Pearls Before Swine, ‘Rocket Man’ (1970)
    From The Use of Ashes, USA WATER 112 CD (2003)
  20. Wild Man Fischer, ‘Merry-Go-Round’
    From An Evening With Wild Man Fischer, USA BIZARRE 6332 2 x LP (1968)
  21. Ya Ho Wha 13, ‘Yod He Nau He’ (1974)
    From Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony, HIGHER KEY 001CD

One comment

  1. Nuts!

    great, great show ed.

    y’know I had never heard the Shaggs record I’m ashamed to say. I thought it would be inept out of tune garage punk with stoopid charm by mistake. So very different, it was so much more deliberate & controlled than that.

    I had trouble finding the Projector again, different url now.

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