Roman Candles

The Sound Projector Radio Show 5th November 2010

  1. Keränen, extract from Bats In The Attic, PICA DISK PICA025 CD (2010)
  2. MoHa!, ‘Naaljos Ljom’
    From Kriiskav Valgus, LE PETIT MIGNON LPM05 7S SINGLE (2010)
  3. The Slaves, ‘Sweet High’
    From Ocean On Ocean, DEBACLE RECORDS DBL 045 CD (2010)
  4. st.ride, ‘Conflitto Interiore’
    From Cercando Niente, NIENTE RECORDS VOLUME 6 CD (2010)
  5. Felix Kubin & Ensemble Integrales, ‘Uncanny Valley’
    From Echohaus, DEKORDER 049 CD (2010)
  6. Lemur, ‘Saragasso’
    From Aigéan, +3DB011 CD (2010)
  7. Sigurd Berge, ‘Eg Beisla Min Støvel’
    From Early Electronic Works, PRISMA RECORDS 708 CD (2010)
  8. Philip Jeck, ‘The All Of Water’
    From An Ark for the Listener, TOUCH TO:81 CD (2010)
  9. Column One, ‘reichlich sonderbar Berlin’
    From Präsident der Sonne, MOLOKO PLUS 071 CD (2010)
  10. Sharron Kraus, ‘The Woody Nightshade’
    From The Woody Nightshade, STRANGE ATTRACTORS AUDIO HOUSE SAAH063 CD (2010)
  11. Anne Le Berge / Lukas Simonis, ‘Slow Allegro’
    From Rust Fungus, Z6 RECORDS Z6000999 CD (2010)
  12. Fat Worm Of Error, ‘Mashed Potentate’
    From Ambivalence And The Beaker, RESIPISCENT RSPT039 CD (2010)
  13. Andrea Marutti / Fausto Balbo, ‘Set-Back’
    From Detrimental Dialogue, FRATTO 9 UNDER THE SKY RECORDS FRATTO 012 CD (2010)
  14. David First, ‘A Bet on Transcendence Favors the House’
    From Privacy Issues (droneworks 1996 – 2009), XI RECORDS 134 3 x CD (2010)