The Sparks Brothers

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th September 2013

With guest Harley Richardson

  1. ‘Now That I Own The BBC (Motiv 8 Radio Edit)’
    From LOGIC RECORDS 74321 34866-2 CD SINGLE (1996)
  2. ‘I Married A Martian’
    From Whomp That Sucker, REPERTOIRE 5126 (2008)
    Recorded in 1981.
  3. ‘The Number One Song In Heaven’
    From No. 1 In Heaven, REPERTOIRE 4768-WG (1999)
    Recorded in 1979.
  4. ‘Girl From Germany’
    From A Woofer In Tweeter’s Clothing, REPERTOIRE RR 4051-C (1990)
    Recorded in 1973.
  5. ‘No More Mr Nice Guys’
    From Sparks, ESSENTIAL ESM CD 677 (1999)
    Recorded in 1972.
  6. ‘Whippings And Apologies’
    From A Woofer In Tweeter’s Clothing, op cit.
  7. ‘Something For The Girl With Everything’
    From Propaganda (21st Century Edition), ISLAND 984 341 0 CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1974.
  8. ‘Barbecutie’
    From Kimono My House (21st Century Edition), ISLAND 984 341-7 CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1974.
  9. ‘Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth’
    From Propaganda (21st Century Edition), op cit.
  10. ‘Hospitality On Parade’
    From Indiscreet (21st Century Edition), ISLAND 984 341-1 CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1975.
  11. ‘Balls’
    From Balls, RECOGNITION CDREC510 (2000)
  12. ‘Sherlock Holmes’
    From Angst In My Pants, REPERTOIRE REP 4760-WG (1999)
    Recorded in 1982.
  13. ‘Stereo’
    From Terminal Jive, REPERTOIRE REP 4769-WG (1999)
    Recorded in 1980.
  14. ‘I Wish I Looked A Little Better’
    From Sparks In Outer Space, REPERTOIRE REP 4761-WG (1999)
    Recorded in 1983.
  15. ‘Progress’
    From Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat, REPERTOIRE REP 5287 (2013)
    Recorded in 1984.
  16. ‘My Baby’s Taking Me Home’
    From L’il Beethoven, LIL’ BEETHOVEN RECORDS LILBCDR2 (2002)
  17. ‘Metaphor’
    From Hello Young Lovers, GUT RECORDS GUTCD53 (2006)
  18. ‘Lighten Up, Morrisey’
    From Exotic Creatures Of The Deep, LIL’ BEETHOVEN RECORDS LBRCD111 (2008)
  19. ‘When Do I Get To Sing My Way’
    From Two Hands One Mouth, LIL’ BEETHOVEN RECORDS LBRCD115 (2013)

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  1. Great to hear Sparks on the radio, excellent show.

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