The Tape Club Thing

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 25th October 2013

  1. Papir / Electric Moon, ‘Red Dust’
    From The Papermoon Sessions, GERMANY SULATRON RECORDS st1303-2 CD (2013)
  2. Irinel Anghel / Sarin Romanescu, ‘Guitar Hands On A Singing Body’
    From Guitar Hands On A Singing Body, POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 1011 / niklas/RECORDS n/006 CD (2011)
  3. Tetuzi Akiyama with Tom Carter and Christian Kiefer, ‘Bloody Mary’
    From The Darkened Mirror, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS monolp012 / CATSUN cat12 LP (2013)
  4. Esa Helasuvo, ‘Satumaa’
    From Stella Nova, FINLAND TUM RECORDS TUM CD 033 (2012)
  5. Philippe Lauzier, ‘Au-Dessus’
    From Transparence, GERMANY SCHRAUM 18 CD (2013)
  6. Iancu Dumitrescu, ‘Pierres Sacrées’
    From Pierres Sacrées / Hazard And Tectonics, AUSTRIA IDEOLOGIC ORGAN SOMA003 LP (2013)
  7. Kayaka, ‘Cinnuza O Kimlor’
    From Estol Voice, RUSSIA OSTROGA OTR-02 CDR (2013)
  8. Christian Winther, ‘In The Belly Of A Cloud’
  9. Christian Meeas Svendsen, ‘The Joy Of Germans Bowing’
    From W/M, op cit.
  10. Mark Vernon:
    ‘Girls’ Football Match’
    ‘The Great Outdoors’
    ‘Birdland, Bourton on the Water’
    ‘Music Chairs – DTS Christmas Party’
    Location recordings by East Midlands tape recording clubs (1959-1978)
    From Framework Seasonal Issue #5 CDR (2013)
  11. Rapoon, ‘East Window Lights’
    From To West And Blue, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 054-2 CD (2013)
  12. Ákos Rózmann, ‘Part I’
    From Images Of The Dream And Death, AUSTRIA IDEOLOGIC ORGAN SOMA016 3 x LP (2013)

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