Against The Grain

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 8th November 2013

  1. Astma feat. Edgars Rubens, ‘Tickling Valmiera’
    From INTONEMA int007 CD (2013)
  2. Frank Bretschneider, ‘Machine.Gun’
    From Super.Trigger, GERMANY RASTER-NOTON R-N 149 CD (2013)
  3. AUF, ‘Doch Du’
  4. Barbacana, ‘Animation’
    From Barbacana, UK BABEL LABEL BDV13118 CD (2013)
  5. Emmanuel Allard, ‘Séance’
    From Nouvelles Upanishads du Yoga, FRANCE BASKARU karu:25 CD (2013)
  6. Kine, ‘Meditation 3’
    From Meditations In April Green, ALREALON MUSIQUE ALRN046 CD (2013)
  7. Steve Hauschildt, ‘Flyswatter’
    From S/H, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 178 2 x CD (2013)
  8. Minizza, ‘De La Nature Des Choses’
    From A Rebours, FRANCE BROCOLI 014 CD (2013)
  9. Adaya Godlevsky, ‘First Light’
    From Seam, INTERVAL RECORDINGS IL08 CD (2013)
  10. Deer, extract from ONE, SWITZERLAND DESZPOT #003 CD (2013)
  11. p.o.p., ‘Täbriz’
    From Täbriz, POLAND MONOTYPE RECORDS mono063 CD (2013)
  12. Toshimaru Nakamura / Ken Ikeda / Tomoyoshi Date, ‘Balcony I-α’
    From Green Heights, FRANCE BASKARU karu:26 CD (2013)
  13. pizMo, extract from blst, FRANCE FIBRR RECORDS FIBRR012 CD (2013)