The Cellophane Cringe

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 10th January 2014

  1. Bly De Blyant, ‘Westkreuz’
    From Hindsight Bias, HUBRO MUSIC HUBROCD2539 (2014)
  2. Doc Wör Mirran, ‘A Nightmare Is Also A Dream’
    From Retch, MISSMANAGEMENT HAVE FOUR / MT-557 CDR (2011)
  3. Olekranon, ‘Coerced’
    From Danaus, INAM RECORDS 115 CD (2013)
  4. Onomatopoeia, ‘Cellophane Cucumber Clamjamphrie’
    From Irrelevant, THE 7.17 FROM WEST WITTERING IS LATE AGAIN RPM 001 LP (2010)
    Recorded in 1997.
  5. Boogarins, ‘Hoje Aprendi De Verdade’
    From As Plantas Que Curam, OTHER MUSIC OM-008-2 CD (2013)
  6. Lydia Lunch with Zahra Mani and Mia Zabelka, ‘Worthy Quarry’
    From Medusa’s Bed, MONOTYPE RECORDS mono067 CD (2013)
  7. Reizen, ‘Different Speeds No. 2’
    From Reizen, FYLKINGEN RECORDS FYLP1034 LP (2013)
  8. Krohn / Jestram / Lippok, ‘Unter Bann’
    From Dear Mister Singing Club, DISTILLERY STILL 22 CD (2013)
  9. Ralf Wehowsky / Anla Courtis, ‘Rekmos Ursten Ionco’
    From Aseleuch Tendrradero, NOISE AND HATE N001.2012 / ULTRA-MAIL PROD. U.M.P. -022 CD (2013)
  10. Melmac, ‘Retour À Castletownbere’
    From Un Lion Mort Vaut Mieux Qu’Un Chien Vivant, RONDA RND.18 LP (2013)
  11. Miguel A García, ‘Baum’
    From La Axacra, RMO RMOMAG02 CD (2013)
  12. Krynge, extract from Spd Kld Spd Rcr, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT ACR 1012 CD (2013)
    Recorded in 1988.