A Stab in the Dark

International Surrealist Bulletin
Ten Wounds Wiser

International Surrealist Bulletin describe themselves as performing something called ‘psychedelic accordioncore’, and after a few days of wrestling with this release, this is still a better term than anything I can come up with. A few spoken word samples aside, this is instrumental music, and, without any other frame of reference to compare this to (my knowledge of the no doubt burgeoning ‘psychedelic accordioncore’ scene is non-existent), I find myself thinking in terms of movie soundtracks.

The big surprise to me, is that this album appears to be the work of a New York musician, as it sounds incredibly European. The bulk of the songs are constructed around a solid core of rock drumming and bass grooves. Occasionally, as on the first couple of tracks, the bass is treated with some kind of flanging effect which brings to mind ‘80’s/’90’s arcade game music, but more often it sounds like the backing for some Goblin score. Laid on top of this however, we have very Gallic sounding accordion and vibraphone. I can’t help thinking that if Dario Argento had decided to make an Inspector Clouseau film, this would have made a perfect score. And if that isn’t a surreal image, I don’t know what is.

At 50 minutes, I did find this album rather lacking in variety, as each track tends to cover similar ground, but it’s certainly unique.

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