Recommended Records

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 5th June 2015

  1. Henry Cow, ‘Linguaphonie’
    From Unrest, ReR MEGACORP ReR HC2 CD (1999)
  2. The (EC) Nudes, ‘Crystal Palace’
    From Vanishing Point, ReR MEGACORP ReR N1 CD (1994)
  3. Chris Cutler / Zeena Parkins, excerpt from ‘Link’
    From Shark!, ReR MEGACORP ReR CZ1 CD (1996)
  4. Bob Drake, ‘The Graveyard Variations’
    From Little Black Train, CRUMBLING TOMES ARCHIVE CTA 6 CD (1996)
  5. Chris Cutler / Lutz Glandien, ‘Unquiet Days In Eden’
    From Domestic Stories, ReR MEGACORP ReR LSMCD (1992)
  6. Chris Cutler / Fred Frith, ‘Encore’
    From 2 Gentlemen In Verona, ReR MEGACORP ReR CCFF 3 CD (2000)
  7. Arcane Device, ‘Terra Incognita’
    From Engines Of Myth, ReR MEGACORP ReR DLM1 CD (2003)
    Recorded in 1988.
  8. Thomas Dimuzio, ‘Shank Thesis (Cut and Try)’
    From Headlock, ReR MEGACORP ReRTD1 CD (1998)
  9. When:
    ‘From White To White’
    ‘Fellini’s Hat’
    From Black White And Grey, ReR MEGACORP ReR WHCD (1991)
  10. Fred Frith, ‘Fukuoka II’
    From Live In Japan, ReR MEGACORP ReR / FRO 12 CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1981.
  11. News From Babel, ‘Victory’
    From Sirens and Silences / Work Resumed On The Tower, ReR MEGACORP ReR NFB1 CD (2006)
  12. p53, excerpt from p53, ReR MEGACORP ReR P53 CD (1995)
  13. Mnemonists, ‘The Horde’
    From Horde, ReR MEGACORP ReR MN1 CD (1998)
  14. Fred Frith, ‘Romanisches Cafe’
    From Step Across The Border, ReR MEGACORP ReR / FRO 03 CD (2002)
  15. Tim Hodgkinson, ‘String Quartet 1’
    From Each In Our Own Thoughts, WOOF RECORDS WOOF 16 / MEGAPHONE RECORDS 014 CD (1994)