Very Urgent

The Urge Trio
Live in Toledo

Christoph Erb, Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone and bass clarinet)
Tomeka Reid (cello)

The Urge Trio comprise an idiosyncratic and fascinating line up of two Tenor Saxophones doubling Bass Clarinets (Christoph Erb and Keefe Jackson), and cello (Tomeka Reid). The two tracks that make up Live from Toledo present what appear to be an entirely improvised set, which for the most part is fast-paced, skitterish, and wildly virtuousic. The Urge Trio are clearly a well honed group, and their impressive ability as players shines through from the off, switching in an instant between the flatulent, caustic depths of this bass-heavy band to cartoonish soprano harmonics, squeals and peals.

Although entirely instrumental, however, there’s an uncannily vocal quality to this performance – it speaks to you directly. The players appear very much in conversation (or argument) throughout. Listening to this album feels like being privy to the formation of some kind of Neanderthal language, at high speed. Whatever it is they’re saying, I want to hear more.