The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 14th October 2016

  1. Electric Orange, ‘Sundos’
    From Krautrock From Hell, GERMANY SULATRON RECORDS st1001 CD (2010)
  2. Franck Vigroux, ‘Camera’
    From Camera Police, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES dac302 CD (2010)
  3. Terminal Lovers, ‘Sacred And The Man’
    From As Eyes Burn Clean, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG018 LP (2009)
  4. Bruce Gilbert, ‘Here Visit’
    From This Way, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO eMEGO 102 CD (2009)
    Recorded in 1984.
  5. TL0741, ‘Through Blast Radius’
    From Magnetic Injuries, USA HC3MUSIC HC3 TLCD2 CDR (2010)
  6. Myo, ‘Emergent Citrus Feedback Multiphonics’
    From Memory Gospel, USA ZEROMOON zero011 CD (2010)
  7. Cau-Cational Betreet, ‘Foul Meadow’
    From Dredge, UK NEIGH%MUSIC N%25 CDR (2010)
  8. Elliott Sharp, ‘Boot The Plute’
    From Abstraction Distraction, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES dac 181 CD (2010)
  9. Mudboy, ‘Osandways’
    From Mort Aux Vaches, NETHERLANDS MORT AUX VACHES MAV064 CD (2009)
  10. noish + xedh, ‘impro_0617’
    From Big Fork, MEXICO AMPLIFIED MUSIC POLLUTION amp053 CD (2010)
  11. Cut Iowa Network, ‘Horizon 78 Dimension Event’
    From Projector Gunship Held {0,{0}}, UK CHAMPION VERSION CV201006.01 CD (2010)
  12. The Mays, ‘SXXXISISI’
    From Knowfi, USA GIGANTE SOUND GIGA 019 CDR (2009)
  13. Sehnsucht, ‘**** Queen’
    From Wüste, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR124CD (2010)
  14. Ohneotrix Point Never, ‘Stress Waves’
    From Returnal, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO eMEGO 104 CD (2010)
  15. Hélène Breschand & Sylvain Kassap, ‘Eaux Troubles’
    From Double-Peine, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES DAC 311 CD (2010)
  16. Stian Skagen, excerpt from The Inward Rising, NORWAY PRISMA RECORDS 704 CD (2009)

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