Post Scriptum

From Tanuki Records we have a nice cassette of sound art by the trio Le Cable Du Feu. This is Olivier Meyer, Laurent Berger, and Aymeric de Tapol. Berger is one third of the trio Sun Plexus, and we have heard him play in the trio Suboko; their split tape on Kommanull records was a memorable blast of harsh and disjunctive noise, and their Schraum release is also worth hearing. Aymeric de Tapol is new to us, but he’s evidently a highly prolific and productive creator of weird drone music in Brussels, with various cassettes and file based releases in his catalogue. This trio’s FireWire (TANUKI RECORDS #17 / MEMOIRE MMR01) is a compelling mix of many styles and approaches – drone, noise, tape loops, field recordings, and general low-key mayhem, all creating interesting narrative-like tableaux and pictures for the ears to wallow inside. Distortion, assemblage, duration, and odd sounds are among the many tricks at their disposal, and there’s a certain intriguing imagination at work in each piece that raises question marks over the listener’s head and passes on an enjoyable mental condition of ambiguity. Aural riddles, printed on cassette tape. The packaging and insert are saying something perplexing about churches or a church in the Alsace area, and the foldout image of the church organ – an old engraving – raises that instrument to the level of something rather unsettling, a gigantic machine which Dr Frankenstein or Dr Caligari might have pressed into service in some way. On the other side are printed some vaguely confusing texts and collages. A fine sense of the futility of things. An enjoyable piece of work, and much better than some things we’ve received from this patchy Belgian label. Arrived 4th April 2016.

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