Fundraiser Special 2017

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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 17th February 2017

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  1. Kurws, ‘Léo Taxil’
  2. CDR, ‘Acid Hell’
  3. The Prisoner Of Mars, ‘You Can Dance If You Want To’
  4. Maxi Bacon, ‘Licheebarf’
  5. Takashi Hattori, ‘Partition’
  6. Fred Bigot, ‘Sample Trip’
  7. Black Bikini, ‘Skunkman’s Feelings’
  8. Stefan Rusconi / Tobias Preisig, ‘Fiona’
  9. Tellavision, ‘Attitude’
  10. TX Ogre, ‘Super Bricks’
  11. Astma & Anton Nikkila, ‘Speedbeat’
  12. Daniel Stearns, ‘Pileus’
  13. st. ride, ‘Su E Giu Per L’Esofago’
  14. Toxydoll, ‘Bullsheep X’
  15. L’Eclipse Nue, ‘Poisoned By The Yellow Spines Of A Hundred Greedy Slugs’
  16. Le Ton Mite, ‘Les Bons Temps (Acapella)’
  17. Don Preston, ‘Analog Heaven #4’
  18. Auf, ‘Auf See’
  19. Boogarins, ‘Despreocupar’
  20. Gelbart, ‘These Machines Are Translators’
  21. Sixteen Fingers, (Untitled) from Glooms Vol. 1
  22. Ezio Piermattei, (Untitled) from Turismo Dentale
  23. Tumido, ‘Nuuk’
  24. Esa Shields, ‘Rumours’
  25. Marc Hurtado and Z’EV, ‘Montre – Moi’
  26. Kayaka, ‘I Have A Hungry Parasite’
  27. Amalgamated, ‘Sandiest Lope’
  28. DJ Topgear, ‘Carbine Imbroglio’
  29. Arnold Dreyblatt, ‘Striking’
  30. Mary Ocher + Your Government, ‘Calvary’
  31. Loren Connors and Suzanne Langille, ‘Come On Come On (wd4864)’
  32. Purgist, ‘Collapse’
  33. Steven Cerio, ‘Garnets and Gumdrops’
  34. City Surgical, ‘Dilaudio Day II’
  35. Papal Bull, ‘Poppies, Cocks and Clipper Ships’
  36. Villalog, ‘Plätscher Plätscher’
  37. Asfast, ‘Mouth and chance’
  38. Mus. Hiba, ‘Ring’
  39. Destruction Des Animaux Nuisibles, ‘Destruction 4’
  40. Column One, ‘Idiotenmusik’