Build Me a Cloud

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 1st March 2019

  1. Shohei Amimori, ‘Now Forever’
    From Pata Music, JAPAN NOBLE NBL-225 CD (2018)
  2. Gudrun Gut, ‘Musik’
  3. Andreas O. Hirsch, ‘Full Moon Hula Hoop’
    From Early Carbophonics, GERMANY MAKIPHON 005 10″ MINI-LP (2018)
  4. Zeni Geva and Steve Albini, ‘Terminal HZ’
    From Maximum Implosion, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR260CD 2 x CD (2018)
    Recorded in 1992.
  5. She Spread Sorrow, ‘Lust’
    From Mine, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR231CD (2018)
  6. Mariachi, (Untitled)
    From Mariachi, FRANCE DOUBTFUL SOUNDS doubt 18 / NO LAGOS MUSIQUE nlm 28 LP (2018)
  7. Kris Limbach, ‘Cheap Trick of Death’ + ‘Deep Red II’
    From Dead + Juicy, GERMANY EMITTER MICRO EMO11/1 LP (2018)
  8. Mariachi, (Untitled)
    From Mariachi, op. cit.
  9. Kris Limbach, ‘Checkmate Of The Snail’
    From Hell’s Bels, GERMANY EMITTER MICRO EMO11/2 LP (2018)
  10. Erik Griswold, ‘Descend Deeper’
    From Yokohama Flowers, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM4101 CD (2018)
  11. Reinier van Houdt, ‘Murmurations’
    From Igitur Carbon Copies, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1807 LP (2018)
  12. Hanno Leichtmann, ‘Selbstbespiegelung’
    From Nouvelle Aventure, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR049 (2018)
  13. Haarmannhommelsheim, ‘Never Tell The Man’
    From Die Umrandung Des Nights, GERMANY KLANGMOEBEL KCD 002 (2018)
  14. Maze & Lindholm, ‘Part I’
    From Where The Wolf Has Been Seen, UK AURORA BOREALIS abx072 CD (2018)
  15. Cranioclast, ‘Coriolis Spectres’
    From Cract On Sail, GERMANY AUFABWEGEN aatp56 LP (2018)