Keep Saying Yes

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12th April 2019

  1. Paal Nilssen-Love & Guests, ‘Up The Line To Death’
    From New Japanese Noise, NORWAY PNL RECORDS PNL043 CD (2019)
  2. The Art Attacks, ‘Chickens In Funland’
    From Chickens In Funland, UK OVERGROUND RECORDS OVER 163 7″ (2018)
  3. Dead Gum, ‘Knowledge’
    From Meta, ITALY BACKWARDS BW33 LP (2018)
  4. Paal Nilssen-Love & Guests, ‘Rural Rides’
    From New Brazilian Funk, NORWAY PNL RECORDS PNL 042 CD (2019)
  5. Stephanie Pan, ‘Have Robot Dog, Will Travel’
    From Have Robot Dog, Will Travel, NETHERLANDS ARTEKSOUNDS ART004 CD (2018)
  6. Rapoon, ‘Night That Thunders’
    From Darker By Light, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 173-2 CD (2018)
  7. Kuhzunft [Achim Zepezauer] and guests:
    ‘Cowshed Neck Rupture’
    ‘Puro Enterrement Barock’
    ‘Pearleaf Ploff Colorida’
    ‘Chicago Glysophat Cheeks’
    ‘Loving Coffee-Chirps Invasion’
    From Slotmachine, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER Gruen 186 10″ VINYL (2019)
  8. Ulrich Troyer, ‘Dolomite Dub (Part II)
    From Dolomite Dub, AUSTRIA 4BIT PRODUCTIONS 4BIT-P008 LP (2018)
  9. Fabio Orsi, ‘Sopra La Terra’ (fade)
    From Sterminato Piano, ITALY BACKWARDS BW35 LP (2018)
  10. Harold H Hardman, ‘321.984’
    Ant Sweat and The Molds, ‘While cooking an egg dada’
    Claudio Sbadligioni, ‘Saturday night rheumatic fever’
    Nefasto Celiba, ‘Musichetta Spaccategole’
    Dove Sono, ‘Slumberland’
    From Canzone da parati 88 wallpaper song, ITALY A SIMPLE LUNCH 30ASL 2 x CD (2018)
  11. John Krausbauer, ‘EM3’ (fade)
    From Paralleled, JAPAN MUSIK ATLACH MA019 CD (2018)
  12. Takuji Naka and Tim Olive, excerpt from Quince, USA KENDRA STEINER EDITIONS #397 CDR (2018)
  13. Le Scrambled Debutante, ‘One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met & Everybody Thought I Was Whistling’
    From Le Scrambled Debutante and Broken Penis Orchestra play Bladder Flask, UK ORGEL FESPER MUSIC / TWIN TUB AND BEAVER CDR (2018)