An Iota of Sunshine

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 10th May 2019

  1. Summerhill, ‘It’s Gonna Rain’
    From Summerhill, UK AURORA AUCD5002 CD (2011)
    Recorded in 1969.
  2. Sapphire Thinkers, ‘I Feel A Bit Strange’
    From From Within, UK AURORA AUCD5004 CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1969.
  3. Morning Glory, ‘Stone Good Day’
    From Two Suns Worth, UK FALLOUT FOCD2066 (2007)
    Recorded in 1968.
  4. The Critters, ‘Avon Iris’
    From Awake In A Dream: The Project 3 Recordings, UK NOW SOUNDS CRNOW 28 CD (2011)
    Recorded in 1969.
  5. The Amboy Dukes, ‘Journey To The Center Of The Mind’
    From Journey To The Center Of The Mind, GERMANY REPERTOIRE REP 4176-WZ CD (1991)
    Recorded in 1968.
  6. Edwards Hand, ‘Close My Eyes’
    From Edwards Hand, UK LIGHTNING TREE LIGHT FLASH CD 005 (2007)
    Recorded in 1969.
  7. Love, ‘I Can’t Find It’
    From Love Lost, USA SUNDAZED SC 11207 CD (2009)
    Recorded in 1971.
  8. Paul Revere & The Raiders, ‘Good Thing’
    From The Spirit of 67, UK NOW SOUNDS CRNOW 56 CD (2016)
    Recorded in 1966.
  9. Music Emporium, ‘Gentle Thursday’
    From Music Emporium, USA SUNDAZED SC 6166 CD (2001)
    Recorded in 1969.
  10. Paul Parrish, ‘Dialogue of Wind and Lover’
    From The Forest Of My Mind, UK NOW SOUNDS CR NOW 50 CD (2014)
    Recorded in 1968.
  11. Andwellas Dream, ‘Shades Of Grey’
    From Love and Poetry, UK SUNBEAM RECORDS SBRCD5063 CD (2009)
    Recorded in 1969.
  12. The Move, ‘Walk On The Water’
    From The BBC Sessions, UK STRANGE FRUIT SFRSCD069 (1998)
    Recorded in 1967.
  13. Sam Gopal, ‘Horse’
    From Escalator, UK STABLE RECORDS SLE 8001 CD (ND)
    Recorded in 1968.
  14. Limonada, ‘Lejos Estas’
    From Limonada, USA LION PRODUCTIONS LION 607 CD (2005)
    Recorded in 1970.
  15. The Keith Mansfield Orchestra, ‘Soul Thing’
    From On The Brink: Return of the Instro-Hipsters, UK PSYCHIC CIRCLE PCCD7003 (2007)
    Recorded in 1968.
  16. The Lollipop Shoppe, ‘It Ain’t How Long’
    From Just Colour, ITALY FLASH 62 CD [1998]
  17. Tinkerbells Fairydust, ‘Whole World’
    From Tinkerbells Fairydust, UK GRAPEFRUIT CRSEG004 CD (2009)
    Recorded in 1969.
  18. NGC-4594, ‘Imagination Dead Imagine’
    From Skipping Through The Night, UK TUNE IN 003 CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1967.
  19. Haymarket Square, ‘Amapola’
    From Magic Lantern, USA GEAR FAB RECORDS GF-176 CD (2001)
    Recorded in 1968.
  20. Limonada, ‘Pies Descalzos’
    From Limonada, op. cit.