Vanity Records 1978-81

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 14th January 2022

  1. Tolerance, ‘Through The Glass’
    From Anonym, 1979
  2. Normal Brain, ‘KE-300’
    From Lady Maid, 1981
  3. Salaried Man Club, ‘Martial Music’
    From Gray Cross, 1981
  4. Dada, ‘Yuuen Inraku Gaki’
    From Jyo, 1978
  5. Sympathy Nervous, ‘Go On And Off’
    From Sympathy Nervous, 1980
  6. Nishimura Alimoti, ‘Hyojyo no Uta’
    From Shibou, 1981 cassette
  7. Sab, ‘Menou’
    From Crystallization, 1978
  8. Den Sei Kwan, ‘Thugu-Rikwo’
    From Pocket Planetaria, 1981 cassette
  9. Morio Agata, (Unknown)
    From 1980 LP.
  10. R.N.A. Organism, ‘Bring To Naught’
    From R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O, 1980 LP
  11. Wireless Sight, ‘Endless Dark Dream 2’
    From Endless Dark Dream, 1981 cassette
  12. Tolerance, ‘Sound Round’
    From Divin, 1981 LP
  13. Kiiro Radical, ‘Denki Noise Dance 5’
    From Denki Noise Dance, 1981 cassette
  14. BGM, ‘Member Ship Card’
    From Back Ground Music, 1980 LP
  15. Mad Tea Party, ‘In a Tea-Bag’
    From Hide and Seek 7-inch, 1980
  16. Invivo, ‘Proteus’
    From B.B.B., 1981 cassette

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