The Feeding Tube Strikes

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 3rd February 2023

  1. MidKnight, ‘Utah Power Lines’
    From 1975, FTR529 LP (2020)
  2. Human Adult Band, ‘Observing Infinite Space’
    From Slog Quest Crosstime, FTR628 LP (2022)
  3. Joey Agresta, ‘My Consumption’
    From Let Me To Rock LP (2020)
  4. Rhyton, ‘Cros’
    From Pharaonic Crosstalk FTR535 LP (2021)
  5. Two Much, ‘Medley’
    From The Abstract Horse, FTR494 LP (2020)
  6. Jantar, ‘Nocturne for Imaginary Western’
    From Sempronia, FTR544 LP (2021)
  7. Mordecai, ‘Jumble’
    From Library Music, FTR514 LP (2020)
  8. The Cherry Blossoms, ‘Deepest Woods’
    From Mystery Meet, FTR511 LP (2020)
  9. Letha Rodman Melchior, ‘Microdine’
    From Tretetam, FTR523 LP (2020)
  10. The Slowest Lift, ‘Take Off Your Badge’
    From Plutonic Shine, FTR499 LP (2020)
  11. Sam Gas Can, ‘American Primitive’
    From Gone Doing, FTR540 Lathe Cut LP (2020)
  12. Powers / Rolin Duo, ‘Catarwauls’
    From Powers / Rolin Duo, FTR524 LP (2020)
  13. Jenifer Gelineau, ‘Left’
    From QuaranTunes Series No. 11, FTR566 Lathe Cut LP (2021)
  14. Samara Lubelski and Marcia Bassett, ‘Cosmic’
    From Morning Flare Symmetries, FTR520 LP (2020)
  15. Laminated Apes, ‘Untitled #3’
    From May 13th 2014, FTR526 Lathe Cut LP (2020)