Shoebox of Dreams

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 24th February 2023

  1. dsic, ‘Tk 02’
    From Endemic & Constant Violence, UK LF RECORDS LF 083 3″ CDR (2022)
  2. Shoe & Shoelace, ‘Feetishist’
    From Life in a Shoebox, SLOVENIA BRGSTIME CD (2022)
  3. The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers, ‘The Tut Tut Story’
    From Find Hour Film, UK NO LABEL CASSETTE (2022)
  4. Lise Barkas & Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, ‘Cornemuse 14’
    From Compressibilités, SWITZERLAND INSUB RECORDS INSUB.REC.CD18 (2022)
  5. Imbernon & Mikel Vega, ‘World Is Run By Mass Persuasion’
    From Eolian Dawn, SPAIN SENTENCIA RECORDS SR-18 CD (2022)
  6. Alter Ego, ‘…Is Silicon Sands’ (Side A excerpt)
    From UK LF RECORDS LF081 CASSETTE (2022)
  7. Sputnik Trio, ‘Will Be Back’
    From Time Hunt, SPAIN SENTENCIA RECORDS SR-15 CD (2022)
  8. Mike Benoit and Boban Ristevski, ‘Landing Somewhere We Didn’t Come From’
    From Time Kept Memories, GERMANY ATTENUATION CIRCUIT ACU 1040 CD (2022)
  9. Bergamot Quartet, ‘Undecim’
    Composed by Suzanne Farrin
    From In The Brink, USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS FCR316 CD (2022)
  10. Niemoy, ‘Batiskopa’
  11. Thomas K.J. Mejer, ‘Sulpizianische Bilderwelt I’
    From Uneven Same – Saxophone Quartets, SWITZERLAND WIDE EAR RECORDS WER065 CD (2022)
  12. Cristiano Bocci, ‘The Dark Zone’
    From Beyond The Dark Zones, ITALY UNEXPLAINED SOUNDS GROUP USG079 CD (2022)
  13. Reformed Faction, ‘We Are Like Fallen Angels’
    From Vota, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 262-2 CD (2022)
    Recorded in 2005.