City Of The Beasts

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 10th March 2023

  1. KL4NG, ‘Le Fou Saxophonisant’
    From Live À Venise, FRANCE LABUT LABUT003 CD (2022)
  2. Javier Hernando / Angel Lalinde, ‘Vacuola’
    From Vacuola, SPAIN WD RECORDS WDR 013 CD (2022)
  3. Loadbang, ‘Proverbial’
    From Quiver, USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS FCR332 CD (2022)
  4. Kollaps, ‘D-IX’
    From Until The Day I Die, UK COLD SPRING CSR309 CD (2022) 
  5. Maja Bugge, ‘Healing Song’
    From Together, UK NO LABEL CDR (2022)
  6. Abdou Boni, ‘Volume Des Vides Du Sol’
    From Sources, FRANCE CIRCUM-DISC CIDI 2203 CD (2022)
  7. We Be Echo, ‘This Hour’s Mine’
    From Ceza Evi (Compleat Edition), UK COLD SPRING CSR311CD (2022)
  8. Stephen Barber, ‘Slow Dripping Beast’
    Played by Eric Huebner
    From Earth, USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS FCR340 CD (2022)
  9. Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker, ‘Dondina’
    From Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d’amore, USA UNSEEN WORLDS UW045CD (2022)
  10. Nicola L. Hein, ‘New York Oh My Mind’
    From Sounds Of Absence, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER GRUEN 209 CD (2022)
  11. Vladislav Delay + Eivind Aarset, ‘Single 13’
    From Singles, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM 4161 LP (2022)
  12. Joseph Petric, ‘Metamorphoses’
    From Seen, CANADA REDSHIFT TK519 CD (2022)
  13. Colin Fisher and Mike Gennaro, ‘Epinoia’
    From Tactile Stories, CANADA CACOPHONOUS RECORDINGS CRR-015 CD (2022)
  14. Nihiti, ‘Tetrachrome’
    From Sustained, USA LO BIT LANDSCAPES LBL019 CD (2022)
  15. Kaoru Abe No Future, ‘Music is Plastic Bag’

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