Out of the Question

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12 May 2023

  1. Escape From Warsaw, ‘PrzysBo’
    From Korozja, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 221-2 CD (2021)
  2. CellarKalt, ‘Da Ist Was Im Gange’
    From Neues Licht an Unbestimmtem Morgen, SPAIN JETZWELT JWS 01 CASSETTE (2022)
  3. Himukalt, ‘Staggered, Crushed’
    From Knife Through The Spine, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR289 CD (2021)
  4. Xerex, ‘Dracula VI’
    From Xerex Meets Dracula, USA NO PART OF IT CDR (2022)
  5. Colossloth, ‘Promethean Meat’
    From Promethean Meat, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR315 CD (2022)
  6. Leslie Keffer, ‘Predacious’
    From Reverie, USA NO PART OF IT CDR (2022)
  7. Mouth Worker, Track02
    From Trapped Inside Transmission, UK LF RECORDS LF073 CDR (2020)
  8. Christopher Cerrone, ‘Why Was I Born Between Mirrors’
    From The Air Suspended, USA NEW FOCUS RECORDINGS FCR356 CD (2022)
  9. Kayu Nakada & Tim Olive, ‘Kanpuu 1’
    From Kanpuu, JAPAN 845 AUDIO 845-20 CD (2022)
  10. Walter Campbell, ‘gazpacho dream police’
    From Walter Ego, USA NO PART OF IT CDR (2022)
  11. Strangerous, ‘Chant of the Vultures’
    From Chant, NORWAY NO LABEL 2 x CD (2022)

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