Mauretania Music

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th May 2023

  1. HHY & The Macumbas, ‘Barbaron’
    From Throat Permission Cut, PORTUGAL SILO RUMOUR SILO001LP (2014)
  2. Marcus Schmickler, ‘Altars of Science, Part 3’
    From Altars of Science, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 082P CD (2007)
  3. Marteau Rouge, ‘Noir’
    From Noir, FRANCE GAFFER RECORDS GR035 LP (2012)
  4. MV Carbon, ‘Malibu Mosquito Inhibitor’
    From Dislodged Perihelion, USA ECSTATIC PEACE E#1106 LP (2011)
  5. Greg Malcolm, ‘Lost in Time’
    From Swimming In It, BELGIUM K-RAA-K 3 KED01 LP (2005)
  6. Michalis Moschoutis, ‘Braced Pair’
  7. Miki Yui, ‘Dreaming (Now)’
    From Aperio!, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG2007 LP (2020)
  8. mHz, ‘y = sin(x)/x’
    From Function, USA IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC332 CD (2020)
  9. Strotter inst., ‘Aabdmorrs ”Yaeh-Namp”’
    From Miszellen, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1701 2 x LP (2017)
  10. Takashi Hattori, ‘Gravity’
    From Moon, JAPAN NOBLE NBL-215 CD (2015)
  11. Michalis Moschoutis, ‘Classical Mechanics’
    From Classical Mechanics, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM4124 CD (2020)
  12. Mark Fell, ‘That Side’
    From Periodic Orbit of Dynamic System Related to a Knot, AUSTRIA EDITIONS EMEGO 133 (2011)
  13. eRikm, ‘Correlation II’
    From Variations Opportunistes, FRANCE RONDA rnd08 CD (2006)
  14. Deison Marhaug, ‘Piano Theme From Nowhere’
    From 33 Minutes of Your Life, ITALY LOUD! L!CD04 CDR (2003)

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