Sun Dogs

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 16th June 2023

  1. Joëlle Léandre / Paul Lovens, ‘…Where Else?’
    From Off Course!, FRANCE FOU RECORDS FR-CD 41 (2022)
  2. Gabriele Mitelli / John Edwards / Mark Sanders, ‘The Eagle and The Hawk’
    From Three Tsuru Origami, ITALY WE INSIST! RECORDS CDWEIN20 CD (2022)
  3. Zea and Xavier Charles, ‘You’re Dead’
  4. Sun Dog, ‘Trois Faux’
    From Col Des Tempètes, PORTUGAL CRÓNICA 192-2022 CD (2022)
  5. Lazro-Zingaro-Papadimitriou-Bolcato, ‘Egnatia Road’
    From Periferia, FRANCE FOU RECORDS FR-CD 43 (2022)
  6. Simon Shaheen, ‘Sittel Habayeb’
    From The Music Of Mohammed Abdel Wahab, GERMANY ZEHRA MUSIC zehra008 LP (2022)
  7. Mattie Barbier, ‘Floating Wave’
    From Threads, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA592 CD (2022)
  8. Cristiano Calcagnile, ‘Furioso’
    From Anokhi Inversi, ITALY WE INSIST! RECORDS CDWEIN21 CD (2022)
  9. Emmanuel Cremer, ‘Infini Sans Terre’
    From Cinq Chants D’Athènes, FRANCE FOU RECORDS FR-47 CD (2022)
  10. Ingar Zach, ‘Increspature Su Un Lago’
    From Musica Liquida, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA594 CD (2022)
  11. Jean-Marc Foussat / Emmanuelle Parreni / Quentin Rollet, ‘A Corps’
    From Haut-Coeur, FRANCE FOU RECORDS FR-CD 42 (2022)

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  1. The origin of ‘You’re dead!’ was bugging me, but of course it’s a cover of a Norma Tenega tune.

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