P Stands For Push

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 7th July 2023

  1. Jamka, ‘Wild Rose Trees’
    From Pari Passu, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR333 CD (2011)
  2. Papillon, ‘Un Radeau Dans Une Tombe’
    From Papillon, UK DISCREPANT CREP09 LP (2013)
  3. Josh Ronsen, ‘Thousands of Bees In Box’
    From Phonography Austin Vol 01 (2017)
  4. Periferiya, ‘TDO’
    From Boundary Scan, RUSSIA MIKROTON RECORDINGS mikroton 93 2 x LP (2021)
  5. Paco Rossique, ‘The Long Waiting’
    From Collages & Dispersions, UK LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS LOR063 CDR (2015)
  6. Gail Priest, ‘The Dark Entrance’
    From Presentiments from the Spider Garden, AUSTRALIA ENDGAME RECORDS END024 CD (2010)
  7. Pal Asle Pettersen, ‘Flamme’, ‘Niks!’, ‘Ballong’, ‘Kristel’, ‘Verdensrommet’
    From Skjegg, NORWAY ZANG: Z:009 CDR (2005)
  8. Polwechsel, ‘UNY’
    From Untitled (No. 7), AUSTRIA GOD RECORDS GOD 31 LP (2015)
  9. Jacaszek, ‘Pentral I’
    From Pentral, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM2002 LP (2020)
  10. Jon Eriksen, ‘Grand Collider’
    From Penumbra Booming, NORWAY ROGGBIF RECORDS RR017 CD (2006)
  11. Spyros Polychronopoulos, excerpt from Live Electronic Music, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 EDRM425 (2017)

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