Kosmische VII

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st July 2023

  1. Thirsty Moon, ‘Morning Sun’
    From Thirsty Moon (1972)
  2. Virus, ‘Old Time Movie’
    From Thoughts (1971)
  3. Gila, ‘Braintwist’
    From Night Works Live (1972)
  4. El Shalom, ‘Princess June’
    From Frost (1976)
  5. Hairy Chapter, ‘Looking for a Decent Freedom’
    From Eyes (1970)
  6. Mythos, ‘Encyclopedia Terra Part 2’
    From Mythos (1972)
  7. Pinguin, ‘Der Frosch in der kehle’
    From Der Grosse Rote Vogel (1972)
  8. Vita Nova, ‘Lacrimosa (Death of a World)’
    From Vita Nova (1971)
  9. Annexus Quam, ‘Dreh Dich Nicht Um’
    From Beziehungen (1972)
  10. Haboob, ‘Israfil’
    From Haboob (1971)
  11. Nekropolis, ‘Unendliche Qual’
    From Musik aus dem Schattenreich (1979)
  12. Merlin, Swara, Ilor and Friends, ‘Hable Ita Swe’
    From Cosmic Kraut Experience (1998)

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