Vectors of Vinyl

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 29th September 2023

  1. Keith Seatman, ‘In The Fields Round the Back’
    From Sad Old Tatty Bunting, UK CASTLES IN SPACE CiS093 LP (2022)
  2. Kiev Stingl, ‘Ozean’
    From X R I Nuit, GERMANY KLANGBAD 84 12″ (2022)
  3. Firmaet Forvoksen, ‘Tundra Mouth’
    From Undone Shal, BELGIUM KRAAK K116 LP (2022)
  4. Nein Rodere, ‘Feeling and Form’ and ‘Misdro’
    From Catch Up With What Party, UK HORN OF PLENTY hop8 LP (2022)
  5. Thomas Haines, ‘Supermarket Variation 1’
    From Supermarket, UK OAK HILL ANTENNA LP (2022)
  6. Avvitagalli, ‘The Last Shiny Bones of the Duno Ghost’
    From None Corsa, UK HORN OF PLENTY hop10 LP (2022)
  7. Warm Currency, ‘Winter Advertisement’
    From Returns, UK HORN OF PLENTY hop11 10″ (2022)
  8. Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk, excerpt from Unfamiliar Home, GERMANY EDITION TELEMARK 923.09 LP (2022)
  9. Tom Recchion:
    ‘4 Strings and a Box’
    ‘Cut Cost’
    ‘The Hyacinths’
    ‘Kelly Automatics’
    From Japanese Cassette, USA FEEDING TUBE RECORDS FTR617 LP (2022)
  10. Mark Vernon, ‘Athanasia’
    From Time Deferred, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS GR 2041 LP (2021)
  11. Mark Harwood, ‘Alba’s Absence’
    From Offering, UK PENULTIMATE PRESS PP50 LP (2021)

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