RSD Lang Goes Boom and Bang

Fans of noise music from the 1990s may enjoy my recent comic strip. It’s about a fictional record collector named RSD Lang who starts off collecting rare CDs of extreme noise…then convinces himself he can have a stab at making noise music himself! What could possibly happen next?

In case it’s not clear from this brief excerpt, it’s a fairly “zany” take on the subject and perhaps shouldn’t be taken too seriously…or should it? After all, I am the Emperor of Ice Cream and many a true sentiment is wrapped in a mirthful crispy coating.

The full four-page story is printed in the latest issue of Ugly Mug, produced by my good friend Harley R at the House of Harley. I can recommend ordering a copy right now. Two other stories by me can be found in its wildly buzzing pages, plus incredible stories and graphics from artists such as Tom Tiffin, Denny Derbyshire, John Bagnall, Iestyn, Jason Atomic, Savage Pencil, and many others. If you think comics should be fun as well as deeply serious, and want to ingest a brew of art laced with heavy doses of insanity, wonder, and escapades inside the Dream-House, then this totally unique underground publication is your beer.

The character RSD Lang also appeared in a half-pager in the previous issue of this magazine. He grows incensed at a Forum post on Discogs about The Beatles White Album, and things quickly take a strange turn. Will he never win?

Click here now to start mauling that Mug!

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