Textus Neuronensis

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 17th November 2023

  1. hÄK / Danzeisen – Abwarts
    From hÄK/Danzeisen, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR105 CD (2023)
  2. Louise Rossiter – Neuronen
    From Der Industrieplast Pt 1, UK OSCILLATIONS OSC 005 DL (2023)
  3. Brìghde Chaimbeul – Cronan (i)
    From Carry Them With Us, GERMANY TAK:TIL GBCS 139 / INDIGO CD 236372 CD (2023)
  4. Avenue Azure – Cyane’s Message
  5. Kammerflimmer Kollektief – Siebentes Kapitel [verflochten]
    From Schemen, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR101 CD (2023)
  6. Thomas Koner – Banlieue du Vide
    From Daikan, GERMANY MILLE PLATEAUX MP49 CD (2023)
  7. Eliane Radigue – Occam-Hepta I
    Played by Ensemble Dedalus
    From Eliane Radique, FRANCE MONTAIGNE NOIRE MN7 CD (2023)
  8. Peter Ablinger – Instrumente und ElektroAkustich Ortsbezogene Verdichtung (das Blaue vom Himmel)
    From (Various), Les Espaces Électroacoustiques III, AUSTRIA COL LEGNO WWE 2SACD 40005 CD (2023)
  9. Kasper Agnas – Little Towels of Air, Warm and Wrapping Against the Heart
    Performed by Johan Graden
    From 1305, SWEDEN HAPHAZARD MUSIC HAP 2309 CDEP (2023)

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