The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th January 2018

Mark E. Smith and The Fall
Compiled and introduced by Harley Richardson

  1. ‘R.O.D.’
    From Bend Sinister, BEGGARS BANQUET BEGA 75 LP (1986)
  2. ‘Rollin’ Dany’
    From BEGGARS BANQUET BEG 134T 12″ (1985)
  3. ‘The Container Drivers’
    From Grotesque After The Gramme (Expanded Edition), CASTLE MUSIC CMRCD883 CD (2004)
  4. ‘Blindness’
    From The Complete Peel Sessions, CASTLE MUSIC CMXBX982 (2005)
  5. ‘Auto-Chip 2014-2016’
    From Sub-Lingual Tablet, CHERRY RED CDBRED 660 (2015)
  6. ‘Impression of J. Temperance’
    From Fall In A Hole, CASTLE MUSIC CMQDD1225 (2006)
  7. ‘Rose’
    From Shift-Work, COG SINISTER / FONTANA 848 594-1 LP (1991)
  8. ‘No Bulbs’
    From Call For Escape Route, BEG 120E 12″ (1984)
  9. ‘Mr Pharmacist’
    From Bend Sinister, op.cit.
  10. ‘The Rhinohead’
    From Tromatic Reflexxions, DOMINO WIGCD190 (2007)
  11. ‘Leave The Capitol’
    From Slates, CASTLE MUSIC CMRCD1006 (2004)
  12. ‘Repetition’
    From Early Years 77-79, STEP FORWARD SFLP6 (1981)
  13. ‘M5’
    From Behind The Counter EP, PERMANENT RECORDS / COG SINISTER 12S PERMX13 12″ (1993)
  14. ‘Victoria Train Station Massacre’ / ‘New Facts Emerge’
    From New Facts Emerge, CHERRY RED CDBRED 706 (2017)
  15. ‘Pumpkin Soup and Mashed Potatoes’
    From The Unutterable, EAGCD164 CD (2000)
  16. ‘Cruiser’s Creek’
    From BEGGARS BANQUET BEG 150T 12″ (1985)
  17. ‘ Theme From: Sparta F.C. #2 ‘
  18. ‘Dedication’
    Unreleased live track
  19. ‘Fantastic Life’
    From Hip Priest And Kamerads, SITUATION TWO SITU13 LP (1985)

All tracks by The Fall, except #10 by Von Südenfed

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