Isolated Choreography

Here be new tape from Paco Rossique, that lyrical sound artist who is also a painter and seems to feel his way through sound and composition like so much acrylic paint and colour. This Spanish fellow made Collages & Dispersions for this same label which we noted in 2015. He continues to assemble his elements, field recordings and found sounds with the same intuitive skills. I like all the disparate parts, including birdsong and countryside recordings and frequent use of distant echoing piano, but am largely finding The Visit Of The Stranger (LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS LOR118) a bit formulaic. Rossique seems to follow much the same template for each experiment, and we’re left in the same inconclusive state of mind as when we started. On the other hand, it’s clear he’s intent on conjuring a mood of continual ambiguity, and the mind’s propensity for linear logic is constantly diverted by his subtle stratagems, so “inconclusive” is a good result. I especially like the French-speaking voice that surfaces at the start of Side B. It’s like hearing a dream of Picasso from the 1930s, if it were only possible to capture such evanescence. If anyone could perform that strain of time-travelling miracle, Paco Rossique is the man who stands the best chance. From 15th April 2019.

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