The Droning Ones (TSP radio show 20/02/04)

  1. SunnO))), ‘Death Becomes You’
    From 3: Flight of the Behemoth, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 15 CD (2002)
  2. Organum, extract from Volume Two, USA ROBOT RECORDS RR-18 CD (ND)
  3. Frequency Curtain, ‘Vector Identity’
    From Frequency Curtain, USA ELEVATOR BATH EEAOA09 CD (2002)
  4. EA, ’11’00’
  5. Nöel Akchoté, ‘Plages 18’
    From Perpetual Joseph, FRANCE RECTANGLE REC AL2 CD (2003)
  6. a.f.r.i. studios, ‘B1’
    From Goodbye If You Call That Gone, SPAIN LUCKY KITCHEN 012 CD (2001)
  7. Werner Durand, ‘Queen Bee’
    From The Art of Buzzing (Excuse The Delay Vol 1), GERMANY X-TRACT X-T 2004 CD (2002)
  8. Ian Nagoski, Effortless Battle, USA RECORDED 010 CD (2003)
  9. David First, ‘Harebrainer’
    From Dave’s Waves, ITALY ANTS ANT09CDR CD (2003)
  10. Julius, ‘vier schwarze rechtecke’
    From (halb) schwarz, GERMANY X-TRACT / EDITION RZ X-T 2001/ED. RZ 4001 CD (2001)

Almost all tracks played were faded / extracts.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM