Guitar Music (TSP radio show 27/02/04)

  1. Fred Frith, ‘Hit and Run’
    From Accidental, UNITED KINGDOM ReR MEGACORP ReR/FRA 01 CD (2001)
  2. Fred Frith, ‘Spring Any Day Now’
    From Gravity, UNITED KINGDOM ReR MEGACORP ReR/FRO 01 CD (2001)
  3. Olaf Rupp, ‘Loose Fragments of Rock That’
    From Scree, GERMANY GROB 433 CD (2002)
  4. Steffen Basho Junghans, ‘2nd Movement Part 1’
  5. Joseph Suchy
    Extract from Entskidoo, GERMANY ENTENPFUHL EMM LP 05 CD (2001)
  6. Climax Golden Twins:
    a ‘Choked Up’
    b ‘My Peppy Loins’
    c ‘Cough Sniff’
    d ‘Microspace Patrol II’
    From Climax Golden Twins [Polka Dot Record], USA FIRE BREATHING TURTLE NO NUMBER CD
  7. The JMJ Trio
    Extract from In the Absence of the Third, USA ONTOLOGICAL RECORDS 001 VINYL LP (2002)
  8. Rafael Toral, ‘Desiree’
    From Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance, UNITED KINGDOM TOUCH TO:40 CD (2001)
  9. a. Keith Fullerton Whitman – ‘Lettera’
    b. Sebastien Roux – ‘Utaro’
    From E.A.D.B.G.E, USA 12K 12K1025 CD (2003)
  10. My Cat Is An Alien
    Extract from Il Segno, USA STARLIGHT FURNITURE CO i20 VINYL LP (2003)
  11. Tim Catlin, extract from ‘Electric Clouds’
    From Slow Twitch, AUSTRALIA DR JIM’S RECORDS DRJIM034 CD (2003)
  12. My Cat Is An Alien
    Another extract from Il Segno LP
  13. Oren Ambarchi, Extract from ‘Stacte.3A’
    From Stacte.3, GERMANY PLATE LUNCH PL 15 LP (2000)
  14. SSSD, ‘My’
    From Home, GERMANY GROB 431 CD (2002)
  15. Peggy Awesh / Barbara Ess, ‘Seven’
    From Radio Guitar, USA ECSTATIC YOD E#86d CD (2001)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM