Anti-Naturals / Swill Radio (TSP radio show 23/07/04)

…also The Shadow Ring

  1. Tart, ‘Chopin in a Shell’ (extract)
    From Radio Orange, USA SWILL RADIO 019 LP (ND)
  2. Idea Fire Company, ‘In the Bunker’
    From Explosion in a Shingle Factory, USA SWILL RADIO 010 2 x LP (ND)
  3. Idea Fire Company, ‘The Wheelhouse part 4’
    From The Fourth Dimension is Money, USA SWILL RADIO 011 2 x LP (ND)
  4. Tart, ‘Great Sadness in an Italian Restaurant’
    From Bring in the Admiral, USA SWILL RADIO 022 LP (ND)
  5. Ralf Wehowksy, ‘Rütlischwur’
    From eaRLy W – one: in search of c.r., USA SWILL RADIO 016 LP (ND)
  6. The Shadow Ring, ‘We’re Complex Piss’
    From Lindus, USA SWILL RADIO 021 LP (2001)
  7. The Shadow Ring:
    a ‘Egg Mombassa’
    b ‘Arthuring Tina’
    From Lighthouse, USA SWILL RADIO 017 2 x LP (1999)
  8. Tart, ‘Astride Such Delicate Pins’
    From Bring in the Admiral, op cit.
  9. Cluster, ‘proantipro’
    From Curiosum, GERMANY SKY RECORDS 063 LP (1981)
  10. The Fall, ‘WMC Blob 59’
    From Grotesque (After the Gramme), UNITED KINGDOM ROUGH TRADE ROUGH 18 LP (1980)
  11. Alternative TV, ‘The Good Missionary’
    From Vibing Up The Senile Man (Part One), UNITED KINGDOM DEPTFORD FUN CITY RECORDS DLP03 LP (1978)
  12. Idea Fire Company, ‘Hail Gone…Birds Now’
    From The Fourth Dimension is Money, op cit.
  13. Transmission, ‘Put Out’
    From Put Out C-Out, USA HELL’S HALF HALO RECORDX 10″ MINI-LP (1998)
  14. Idea Fire Company, ‘Square of the Appalling Mobile’
    From Anti-Natural, USA SWILL RADIO 018 LP (ND)
  15. Blood Mouse / The Shadow Ring, ‘Put Out’
    From Put Out C-Out, op cit.

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM