Atoms of Pure Noise vs Molecules of Unkempt Noise (TSP radio show 30/07/04)

  1. Merzbow + The New Blockaders, ‘Oumagatoki part one’
    From Oumagatoki, UNITED KINGDOM HYPNAGOGIA NAG03 10″ LP (2004)
  2. Aufgehoben No Process, ‘Happening and Formless’
    From The Violence of Appropriation, UNITED KINGDOM JUNIOR MEAT RECORDINGS JM REC-003 CD (2000)
  3. Peeled Hearts Paste, ‘Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up’
    From Peeled Hearts Paste, AUSTRALIA DUAL PLOVER IMR PJO 001 CD (ND)
  4. Astro, extract from Bio-Galaxy, GERMANY TOCHNIT ALEPH 027 CD (ND)
  5. Thomas Dimuzio, ‘Fear of Corners’
  6. Hijokaidan, extract from Modern, JAPAN ALCHEMY RECORDS ARCD-067 CD (1994)
  7. Ascension, ‘So Below’ (extract)
    From Broadcast, UNITED KINGDOM SHOCK SX030CD 2 x CD (1996)
  8. Merzbow, ‘Denki No Numa’
    From Frog+, USA MISANTHROPHIC AGENDA MAR 004 2 x CD (2002)
  9. Koji Asano, extract from Octopus Balloons, SPAIN SOLSTICE 28 CD (2002)
  10. The New Blockaders, ‘Avaunt! Avaunt! Avaunt!’
    From History of Nothing, SIREN 07 CD (2000)
  11. The New Blockaders, extract from First Live Performance, GERMANY VINYL-ON-DEMAND VOD 6 LP (2004)
  12. The New Blockaders, extract from Changez Les Blockeurs, GERMANY VINYL-ON-DEMAND VOD 6 LP (2004)
  13. Borbetomagus, ‘Songs Our Mother Taught Us’ (extract)
    From Songs Our Mother Taught Us, USA AGARIC RECORDS 1995 CD (ND)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM