Keith Tippett (TSP radio show 17/09/04)

  1. The Keith Tippett Group, ‘This is What Happens’
    From Dedicated to you, but you weren’t listening, UK VERTIGO 6360 024 (1971)
  2. Centipede, side 2 (fade) from Septober Energy, UK RCA DPS 2054 (1974 issue); original issue RCA NEON 9 (1971)
  3. The Keith Tippett Group, ‘Thank you for the smile’ (1970)
    From You are here…I am there, JAPAN POLYDOR 23MM 0196
  4. The Keith Tippett Group, ‘Green and Orange Night park’
    From Dedicated to you, op cit.
  5. a-b. Keith Tippett Septet, side 2 (fade) and side 3 (fade) from A loose kite in a gentle wind floating with only my will for an anchor, UK OGUN OGD 007/008 (1986)
  6. Ovary Lodge, ‘A Man Carrying A Drop of Water on a Leaf through a Thunderstorm’
    From Ovary Lodge, UK OGUN OG 600 (1976)
  7. The Keith Tippett Group, ‘Violence’ (1970)
    From You are here…I am there, op cit
  8. Mark Charig with Keith Tippett, ‘Bellaphon’ (fade)
    From Pipedream, UK OGUN OG 710 (1977)
  9. King Crimson, ‘Bolero – The Peacock’s Tale’
    From Lizard, USA ATLANTIC SD 8278 (1971)
  10. a-b. Keith Tippett’s Ark, side 1 (fade) and side 3 (fade) from Frames: Music for an Imaginary Film, UK OGUN OGD 003/004 (1978)
  11. Keith Tippett, ‘I hear your voice again’ (fade)
    From Mujician, GERMANY FREE MUSIC PRODUCTION SAJ 37 (1981)

Also some brief extracts read from ‘Keith Tippett: Free Pianist,’ an interview with Tippett published in Impetus: New Music, first issue, edited by Kenneth Ansell, LONDON ND [1970?]

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM