Bob Rafkin (TSP radio show 24/09/04)

  1. a. Bob Rafkin, ‘Sweet Dreams’
    b. Bob Rafkin, ‘Sail Away’
    From One Man Band, USA LAKE RIDGE RECORDS 1006 CD (2003)
  2. [Live performance by Bob Rafkin]
  3. Phil Ochs, ‘Pretty smart on my part’
    From Rehearsals for Retirement, CANADA A&M RECORDS SP4818 (ND)
  4. Bob Rafkin, ‘The Old Dirt Road’
    From One Man Band, op cit.
  5. Jerry Garcia, ‘Deal’ (1972)
    From Garcia, UK GRATEFUL DEAD RECORDS GDV 4003 (1988)
  6. Randy Burns, ‘ You’ve Got All of Love Standing at Your Door’
    From Evening of the Magician, UK FONTANA STL5520 (1968)
  7. Robbie Basho, ‘Seal of the Blue Lotus’
    From Seal of the Blue Lotus, USA TAKOMA C1005 (1965)
  8. John Fahey, ‘Guitar Excursions into the unknown’
    From Volume 4, USA TAKOMA C1008 (1966)
  9. The Holy Modal Rounders, ‘New Reuben’s Train’
    From Alleged in Their Own Time, USA ROUNDER RECORDS 3004 (1975)
  10. Michael Hurley with The Unholy Model Rounders et al, ‘Slurf Song’
    From Have Moicy!, USA ROUNDER RECORDS 3010 (1976)
  11. Erica Pomerance, ‘We Came Via’ (1968)
    From You Used to Think, GERMANY ZYX MUSIC ESP 1099-2 CD
  12. Michael Hurley, ‘ New Tea’ (1968)
    From Parsnip Snips, GERMANY VERACITY MUSIK PRODUCTION LP 002 (1995)

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