Songs with Strings (TSP radio show 07/01/05)

  1. Scott Walker, ‘It’s Raining Today’ (1969)
    From Scott 3, UK FONTANA 510 881-2 CD (1992)
  2. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, ‘Down from Dover’
    From Did You Ever, UK RCA VICTOR SF8240 LP (1971)
  3. Nico, ‘Little Sister’
    From Chelsea Girl, UK MGM RECORDS MGM SELECT 2353 025 LP (1971)
  4. Kate Bush, ‘The Infant Kiss’
    From Never for ever, UK EMI RECORDS EMA 794 LP (1980)
  5. Colin Blunstone, ‘Misty Roses’ (1971)
    From One Year, UK SONY MUSIC / REWIND 491694 2 CD (ND)
  6. Nina Simone, ‘The Last Rose of Summer’
    From Night Song (compilation), POLYGRAM RECORDS 543 251-2 CD (2000)
  7. Scott Walker, ‘Rosemary’
    From Scott 3, op cit
  8. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood, ‘Some Velvet Morning’ (1967)
    From Nancy and Lee, UK REPRISE RSLP 6273 LP (ND)
  9. Nico, ‘I’ll Keep it With Mine’
    From Chelsea Girl, op cit
  10. Van Dyke Parks, ‘Vine Street’
    From Song Cycle, USA WARNER BROS WS 1727 LP (1968)
  11. Randy Newman, ‘He gives us all his love’
    From Sail Away, USA REPRISE RECORDS MS 2064 LP (1972)
  12. Peter Case, ‘Small Town Spree’
    From Peter Case, USA GEFFEN RECORDS 924 105-1 LP (1986)
  13. T-Bone Burnett, ‘Image’
    From The Talking Animals, USA COLUMBIA / CBS RECORDS BFC 40792 LP (1988)
  14. Phil Ochs, ‘Pleasures of the Harbour’
    From Pleasures of the Harbour, CANADA A&M RECORDS INC SP 4133 LP (ND)
  15. Van Dyke Parks, ‘The Attic’
    From Song Cycle, op cit
  16. David Bowie, ‘1984’
    From Diamond Dogs, UK RCA APLI-0576 LP (1974)
  17. Sparks, ‘Under the table with her’
    From Indiscreet, UK ISLAND RECORDS ILPS 9345 LP (1975)
  18. The Beatles, ‘Eleanor Rigby (strings only)’
    From Anthology 2, UK EMI RECORDS / APPLE 7243 8 34448 2 3 2 x CD (1996)
  19. Paul and Linda McCartney, ‘The back seat of my car’
    From Ram, UK EMI RECORDS / APPLE PAS 10003 LP (1971)
  20. Yma Sumac:
    a. ‘Kuyawa (Inca Love Song)’
    b. ‘Kaibe Taci’
    From Voice of the Xtabay and other Exotic Delights, UK REV-OLA CREV034 CD (1995)
  21. William S Burroughs, ‘Apocalypse’
    From Dead City Radio, USA ISLAND RECORDS 422-846 264-2 CD (1990)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM