What's New (TSP radio show 14/01/05)

A selection of recent arrivals glommed from The Sound Projector ‘incoming’ box

  1. A. M. Salad, ‘A Grave Mistake’
    From Lo-Fi for Hi-Fi, USA SLOTH JINNI SJ 002 CD (2004)
  2. Sun Plexus, ‘Gnocchi’
    From Or Ou Feraille? A Quelle Profondeur?, FRANCE RONDA RND 004 CD (2004)
  3. Faust Vs Dälek, ‘Remnants’
    From Derbe Respect, Alder, GERMANY STAUBGOLD 50 CD (2004)
  4. Miminokoto, ‘Tsuzukete’ (2002)
    From Live, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 048 CD (2004)
  5. Pita, ‘Resog 45’
    From Get Off, SWEDEN HAPNA H.19 CD (2004)
  6. Etron Fou Leloublan, ‘Emoi’ (1983)
    From Les Sillons De La Terre, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS (MUSEA), GA 8662.AR CD (2004)
  7. Pascal Comelade, ‘Paralelo 3’, ‘Paralelo 4’, ‘Automne’ and ‘Paralelo 6’ (1980)
    From Back To Schizo, FRANCE GAZUL RECORDS (MUSEA), GA 8679.AR CD (2004)
  8. D J Frane, ‘Synesthesia’
    From Electric Garden of Delights, USA TUFF CITY MASSIVE TCM 03 CD (2004
  9. Shaolin Wooden Men, extract from A Binary Input to Flesh Antenna, AUSTRALIA PSY-HARMONICS PSY-050 CD (2003)
  10. Circle, ‘Empire’ (fade)
    From Empire, UK RIOT SEASON REPOSELP08 VINYL LP (2004)
  11. Prismatics, ‘Maxim’
    From Modulust, USA GO SOUTH RECORDS BGS-2005 CD (2004)
  12. Factums, ‘Roman Soldier’
  13. Jesse Paul Miller, ‘Fragment’
  14. Cock ESP + Appliancide, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’
  15. Gum, ‘Smooth Torture in Exile’
    From Vinyl Anthology, USA 23FIVE 005 2 x CD (2004)
  16. Dean Roberts, ‘Welcome home, little birds’
    From Dean Roberts and The Black Moths play the grand cinema, GERMANY STAUBGOLD 54 CD (2004)
  17. The Moglass, ‘The Map (Webfootprinted)’ (fade)
    From Snake-Tongued Swallow-Tied, UKRAINE NEXSOUND NS28 CD (2004)

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