Avant / art cinema soundtracks (TSP radio show 15/04/05)

  1. Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, John Tchicai et al, ‘A Y’ (fade) (1964)
    From New York Eye and Ear Control, ITALY BASE RECORD ESP 1016 LP
  2. Irmin Schmidt, ‘Morderlied’
    From Filmmusik Vol 3 & 4, GERMANY SPOON RECORDS SPOON 018/19 2 x LP (1983)
  3. Gong with Daevid Allen, ‘Blues for Findlay’ (1972)
    From Continental Circus, FRANCE MANTRA 089/642089 CD (1994)
  4. Terry Riley, ‘Happy Ending’ (fade)
    From Happy Ending. Music composed for the film “Les Yeux Fermes”, FRANCE WEA FILIPACCHI MUSIC 46 125 LP (1972)
  5. Sun City Girls, ‘Expendable City’
    From Juggernaut (Original Soundtrack), USA ABDUCTION ABDT 002 LP (ND)
  6. Gene Moore, (Untitled)
    From Carnival Of Souls, USA BIRDMAN BMR 012 CD (1998)
  7. Edward Artemyev, ‘Solaris: Ocean’
    From Solaris, The Mirror, Stalker, TORSO KINO LP 50001 2 x LP (1990)
  8. Bob Cobbing, Jeff Keen et al, ‘Marvo Movie Natter’ (1968)
    From OU 34-35, ITALY ALGA MARGHEN plana-OU 15vocson045.3 CD (2002)
  9. David Bowie, ‘Crystal Japan’
    From Bowie Rare, GERMANY RCA RECORDS PL 89001 LP (1983)
  10. Brian Eno, ‘There is Nobody’
    From Music For Films, UK POLYDOR SUPER 2310 623 LP (1978)
  11. Teiji Ito, ‘The Very Eye of Night’ (fade) (1952)
    From Music For Films and Theater, USA WHAT NEXT RECORDINGS WN0020 CD (1997)
  12. Text Of Light, ‘091502 Anthology Film Archives’ (fade)
    From Text Of Light, USA STARLIGHT FURNITURE *24 CD (2004)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM