What's Lately New (TSP radio show 22/04/05)

  1. Martin Bladh, ‘Cord 1’
    From Umbilical Cords, SWEDEN SEGERHUVA SEGER 10 CD (2005)
  2. P Miles Bryson, ‘Time-honored traditions in Fleur-de-lis imbedded Vinyl Wood Veneering’
    From Megalomaniac Decorator’s Quarterly, USA ILLEGAL ART 111 CD (2005)
  3. Accelera Deck, ‘Sunskull’
    From Pop Polling, USA SCARCELIGHT RECORDINGS SLR39 CD (2005)
  4. Merzbow, ‘Rattus Rattus Suite’ (fade)
    From Rattus Rattus, USA SCARCELIGHT RECORDINGS SLR40 CD (2005)
  5. Koji Asano, extract from Sanctuary on Reclaimed Land, SPAIN SOLSTICE 036 CD (2005)
  6. P Miles Bryson, ‘Symphonia Molto Colori a Manico-Depressivo Maximali – a Movement in Polka-Dot Plaid’
    From Megalomaniac Decorator’s Quarterly, op cit.
  7. The New Blockaders / The Haters, ‘Zero Is’ (fade)
    From Zero Is The Journey, USA PSYCHFORM RECORDS PFR 03 CD (2004)
  8. Dedo, ‘El Ciempiés’
    From Avatar, SPAIN HRONIR GHMLOOK CD (2005)
  9. C-Schulz, ‘Zwizzeron’
    From 5.Flicker Tunes, GERMANY SONIG 42CD (2004)
  10. John Cake, ‘Tibufawa’ + ‘Nakadult’
    From Four Set EP, UK S45JCEP1 (unreleased CDR)
  11. Victor Nubla, extract from Empúries, SPAIN HRONIR GMHLOOJ CD (2004)
  12. Gate33, ‘Edith gabba’ + ‘The astrophysicist’
    From Scribble Season, UK HYPNAGOGIA AGO02 3″CD (2005)
  13. CJA, (Track 4)
    From Ironclad, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG RECORDS 076 CD (2005)
  14. Ze-, ‘Keepwalking’
    From Electronics Anonymous, SPAIN HAZARD RECORDS CD042 (2005)
  15. dDamage, ‘Verstehe Ich Nicht’ + Transbeauce, ‘Sven’
    From Je Suis Un Etranger, RONDA RND 05 CD (2005)
  16. Ashtray Navigations, ‘Old Bridge Hands’ + ‘The Corn Ball Lady’ + ‘Jimmy Gets white in the face at the sight of a doughnut and sees red when offered a ham sandwich’
    From To Get Beyond Nihilism by Revaluing Combat, UK HYPNAGOGIA AGO01 3″ CD (2005)
  17. The Sonic Catering Band, ‘The Lamb is The Light Thereof’
    From Seven Transdanubian Recipes, UK PERIPHERAL CONSERVE pH-13 CD (2003)

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