Guest star Rob Millis (TSP radio show 21/10/05)

  1. Rob Millis, ‘Glass’
    From an unreleased recording
  2. Steve Barsotti, ‘In Resonance’
  3. Murung, ‘Piece pour Orchestre de Plung’
    From Ritual Mouth-Organs of the Murung: Bangladesh, INEDIT CD W260084
  4. Climax Golden Twins, ‘Legnth of Pipe’
    From TESTING GROUND TEST019 3″ CD (2005)
  5. Unknown, ‘Burmese Modern Song with electric guitar
    From HMV 78 rpm
  6. Marc Williams, ‘Willie the Weeper’
    From Brunswick 78 rpm
  7. William Brown, ‘Ragged and Dirty’
    From Mississippi Blues & Gospel: 1934-1942 Field Recordings, DOCUMENT 5320 CD
  8. Emmette Miller, ‘I ain’t got nobody’
    From Minstrel Man from Georgia, COLUMBIA / LEGACY CK 66999 CD
  9. Goebel Reeves, ‘Yodelin’ Teacher’
    From American Yodeling 1911-1946, GERMANY TRIKONT CD-0246
  10. Goebel Reeves, ‘Cowboy’s Dizzy Sweetheart’
    From 78 rpm record
  11. Arthur Miles, ‘Lonely Cowboy’
    From When I Was A Cowboy, Vol. 1: Early American Songs of the West. Classic Recordings from the 1920s and 30s, USA YAZOO 2022 CD
  12. Maria Smyrena, ‘Grass Widow’
    From 78 rpm record
  13. Unknown, ‘Flute’
    From 78 rpm record
  14. Unknown, ‘Tabla solo’
    From 78 rpm record
  15. Lotte Kimbrough, ‘Rolling Log Blues’
    From 78 rpm record
  16. Jelly Roll Morton, ‘Dr Jazz’
    From 78 rpm record
  17. Pinetop Smith, ‘Pinetop is sober now’
    From 78 rpm record
  18. Princess Magogo Ku Dinuzulu, ‘Ugubhu’
    From Music! Berlin Phonogramm Archiv 1900-2000, WERGO 4 x CD SET
  19. Eyvind Kang and the Neti-Neti Band
    From Live Low to the Earth in the Iron Age, USA ABDUCTION ABDT 022 CD (2002)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM