Halloween Special II: Black Metal etc (TSP radio show 28/10/05)

  1. Burzum, ‘Dunkelheit’ (1996)
    From Filosofem, UK BACK ON BLACK BOBV019 LP (2005)
  2. Sunn O))), ‘It Took The Night to Believe’
    From Black One, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 50 CD (2005)
  3. Capricorns, ‘Comrades in Tears’
    From Capricorns, UK RISE ABOVE RECORDS RISEMLP54 mini-LP (2005)
  4. Unearthly Trance, ‘In The Red’
    From In The Red, UK RISE ABOVE RECORDS RISELP55 LP (2005)
  5. Xasthur, ‘In the Hate of Battle’ (2001)
    From Nocturnal Poisoning, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 44 2 x LP (ND)
  6. Thorr’s Hammer, ‘Troll’ (1995)
    From Dommedagsnatt, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 1 CD (ND)
  7. Black Sabbath, ‘The Wizard’
    From Black Sabbath, UK NEMS NEL 6002 LP (1976 reissue)
  8. The Rolling Stones, ‘The Lantern’ (1968)
    From Their Satanic Majesties Request, GERMANY DECCA 6.22160 LP (reissue)
  9. Led Zeppelin, ‘Gallows Pole’ (1970)
    From Led Zeppelin III digitally remastered, GERMANY ATLANTIC 7567-82678-2 CD
  10. Goatsnake, ‘Portraits of Pain’
    From Trampled Under Hoof, USA SOUTHERN LORD SUNN 33 CD (ND)
  11. Rainer Riehn, ‘Chants de Maldoror’ [1965-1969]
    From Institut voor Sonologie van de rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht, Studio voor elektronische muziek, GERMANY DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 643 545 LP (ND)
  12. Keiji Haino with Boris, ‘Don’t be cheated by the oozing silt from both of the accuser and the accused which is always there, saying “something have to be done”‘
    From Black: Implication Flooding, JAPAN INOXIA RECORDS IXCD-0002 CD (1998)
  13. Gate To Gate, ‘I Turn Black Keys’ (fade)
    From I Turn Black Keys, USA PACrec113 CD (ND)

The Sound Projector radio show,
originally broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM